Flying Pig year Spring Festival Tourism data: overseas Tour increased by 28% year on yea

[TechWeb] On February 11th, the first day after the Spring Festival work day, Flying Pig released the Spring Festival tourism data. The overall number of people traveling during the Spring Festival this year increased by 19% compared with last year. Among them, overseas travel increased by 28%, and island tours around the world grew by more than 90%.

Flying pig data show that people traveling abroad for New year's Day are mainly concentrated in four-hour flight circles. Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, Japan, Thailand become the most choice destination. Meanwhile, more and more people travel across continents to spend the Spring Festival in Britain, Russia and Europe.

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During the Spring Festival, the reservations for destination fun goods grew rapidly. Among them, overseas tours, travel, food, SPA and other products, bookings increased by nearly 500%.

The most popular tourist destinations in China are Guangzhou, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Beijing and Chengdu.

According to the flying pig data, the characteristics of the people who traveled in the New Year are the highest after 90, followed by 95, and the sum of the two is more than half.

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It is worth noting that the year-on-year growth rate of the Spring Festival after the 95th year has reached 40%, which is the highest among all age groups, far exceeding the population of other age groups.

Flying pig pig year Chinese New Year tourism data overseas travel year-on-year 28%

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