Xiaomi double 11 Battle News: sales break 5.2 billion, new retail omnichannel wins 128 items first.


[TechWeb] as the main force of double 11, Xiaomi this year opened a new shopping model for all-channel shopping. In the omni-channel shopping scene, Xiaomi complete category of products released a huge amount of purchases, set a series of records.

The biggest feature of this year's Xiaomi Double Eleven is the opening of the online and offline shopping scenes of all categories. Xiaomi has integrated 7 online platforms with more than 5,000 stores, and has invested in 1,000 service stores and more than 2,900 customer service staff. More than 3,000 pick-up vehicles and over 100,000 delivery personnel serve consumers 24 hours a day.

As part of a comprehensive upgrade, Xiaomi launched a variety of activities aimed at different shopping scenarios, enabling online and offline offers to be shared, and for the first time trying to "online" both online and offline. From 10:00 on Nov. 10 to full day on Nov. 11, some offline Xiaomi authorized experience stores (non-mall stores) serve users 24 hours.

Just now, Xiaomi officially announced the final record of this year's double 11. Among them, the sales volume of Xiaomi's new retail omni-channel exceeded 5.251 billion yuan, and the new retail omnipotence rushed 128 items first, and realized the six consecutive years of payment for the Tmall platform brand flagship store.

In terms of specific items, Xiaomi MIX3 won the champion in the sales segment of Tmall's 3000 yuan price segment, Xiaomi 8 won the Tmall, JingDong, Su Ning 2000 and 3000 yuan price segment sales champion, and the Xiaomi 8 youth edition won the sales champion in the price segment of Tmall, Su Ning 1000 yuan, and the Xiaomi 8 youth edition won the champion in the price segment of Tmall, JingDong, Su Ning 2000 yuan. Xiaomi TV achieved Tmall, JingDong, Su Ning three platform sales, sales champion.


Xiaomi double 11 Battle News sales broken 5.2 billion retail full channel crazy scorer 128 items number one

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