The American TV channel has undergone changes, and “Teng Ai You Fox” has introduced a content change.

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On January 14th, HBO released the first pilot trailer for the eighth season of "Game of Thrones", announcing the final season of this epic series on HBO on April 14. Tencent video is the only platform for introduction in China. Last year, it announced the news of the eighth season of "continuing solo."

The series of American dramas that swept the world in 2011 finally ushered in the end in 2019. In the past 9 years, the drama of the American TV has experienced many twists and turns in the domestic Internet. Piracy, subtitles, introduction, ban, and video platform shuffling. ——Today, copyright has become an iron law, and the video platform has gradually become an important source for watching American TV. Behind the changes in the video platform's American TV channel, there may be hidden changes in the platform's general strategy.

In the present, Tencent video, iqiyi, Youku, Sohu video on the U. S. TV imports in what competition pattern?

Copyright, regulatory change: the turn of winter 2014

For domestic video platforms, late 2014 to early 2015 may be a big dividing line for the changing market for imported American TV shows.

Prior to this, the domestic Internet has always had a substantial change in the trend of pirated resources. The purchase of copyright by video platforms obviously has to bear considerable risks, but the quality of American TV dramas and the openness of themes are very attractive to users. Sohu video Early in the morning, he became a leader, and well-known American dramas such as "Friends", "Prison Break" and "Big Bang" were purchased by Sohu.

According to network statistics, as of June 1, 2013, the number of US TV dramas introduced by the video platform was 90 for Sohu Video, 59 for Tudou, 56 for Youku, 54 for Tencent, and 51 for Qiqiyi.

At the end of 2014, the regulation of the copyright market and the monitoring and seizure of the pirated industry chain reached a new height: everyone's film and television was seized by the server, and it was not until 2016 that the subtitle group was re-released from the river and lake transformation genuine translation service; also in the winter of 2014, the shooter website Chang Shenxuan issued a "broken off" announcement, he wrote on the homepage of the website: "The era of need for a shooter network has already gone away."

The largest subtitle group and the largest subtitle platform fell in the winter of 2014, which can be regarded as a landmark event in the domestic Internet copyright regulation. It is not only a reflection of the changes in the Internet era, but also a domestic TV platform in the mainstream of pirated resources. There is a more suitable environment in the market. Shortly after they fell, Tencent Video announced at the 2015 V Vision Conference that it had entered into strategic cooperation with HBO Television, Warner Bros. and FOX Entertainment Group, and announced the introduction of several episodes.

On the other hand, the official implementation of the "Notice on Further Implementing the Regulations on the Administration of Online and Foreign Film and TV Plays" at the beginning of 2015 gave the US drama market a cold water. The "Notice" of the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television stipulates that the introduction of dramas on the video website has four main principles: "quantity limitation, content requirements, first trial and then broadcast, unified registration".

Behind the incident is the epitome of two important turning points: First, the copyright market tends to be formalized. Second, the review covers imported dramas. The introduction is no longer a simple purchase of copyright, and the end of the wild era.

The current situation of TV Channel "Teng Ai you Fox"

In February 2010, Sohu video announced the launch of the first US TV series "lost," the sixth season, in partnership with Disney. It was broadcast synchronously, and Sohu video became the first video platform to introduce a genuine American drama. After that, Sohu continued to introduce "Big Bang Theory", "Friends", "House of Cards" and other popular American dramas, and for a long time it was the first American TV drama platform in China. Today, Sohu video is no longer part of the first group video platform, but the accumulation of its American TV channel is still in the forefront of the industry.

Source: Sohu.

Today, Sohu video's American drama channel features "classic". "Prison Break", "Nikita", "Big Bang", "Breaking Bad", etc. belong to the evergreen classics in the American drama. They are highly recognized in China, and Sohu has won these classic solo copyrights; In terms of solo broadcasting, Sohu’s well-known resources are adapted from DC Comics’ "Go Tan", and the new season "Vampire Diaries" and other works are broadcast together with Tencent to reduce copyright expenses.

The question before Sohu is how to retain the classic content after the expiration of the copyright.

In the past, the price of copyright for US TV shows was not much higher than that for domestic ones, after data from Tencent Entertainment White Paper showed that US TV shows were available only for about $30,000 per episode, compared with $2,000, 000 per episode for non-exclusive TV shows, and the cost was relatively low. Today, however, the price of copyright for classic American shows is in a period of hyperbole, with Netflix paying Warner Media up to $100m in royalties to renew its lease for a year. Prior to Sohu video, Friends because of the expiration of copyright off the shelf, also did not complete the renewal.

Tencent video has become a rising new American drama giant.

Tencent's cooperation with HBO in 2014 was a big event for the introduction of American TV series in China. It also laid a strong position for Tencent Video in the field of American drama in recent years. The quality of works such as "Game of Thrones" and "Western World" is higher than that of the American TV market. It is a "high-dimensional species" compared with most domestic dramas. Another advantage of working with HBO is the depth of cooperation. Tencent is not simply buying copyright, but has reached a copyright cooperation with HBO in various aspects such as game development.

Source: Tencent Video

Unlike American dramas like "the Big Bang Theory" in Sohu's video, Game of Thrones, though equally well known and good in content, has serious yardstick problems, and a lot of lens cuts are inevitable. It may be harmless to the average audience, but it's almost unacceptable to loyal fans of the series, and even piracy remains unedited-according to TorrentFreak's "2017 Piracy list." Game of Thrones, the most pirated TV series in 2017, topped the list without suspense.

Compared with Sohu video, Tencent video funds are obviously more powerful. The final problem that Tencent will be is that the content of American TV is incompatible with the domestic review environment, and piracy is coming back. This is a solution to the problem in the big environment. In 2018, Tencent significantly increased its investment in the field of importing documentaries. Perhaps because of the high level of documentaries such as "Dynasties", it is easier to control the subject matter.

Youku's investment in the field of American drama is quite satisfactory, and does not reflect obvious features and advantages. In 2015, Youku and Disney reached a cooperation agreement, becoming the exclusive online marketing partner of Marvel series movies and American dramas in China. The US dramas such as "Shenzhen Agent" have many viewers on Youku, and they have already been removed. At present, the US dramas featuring Youku's unique solo dramas include "Under the Dome", "American Gods" and "Women's Prison".

Iqiyi announced in April 2017 and Netflix content licensing cooperation.

But to this day, the first batch of cooperation "Black Mirror", "Weird Story", "Psychological Detective" and "Ma Nanbo Jack" have not appeared on the iQiyi website. Netflix content is rarely seen on other video sites. Without Netflix's cooperation and authorization content, iQiyi is currently lacking in the US drama, and Wu Yanzu's "The Waste Land" has become a hot platform.

Source: Iqiyi

The video platform has different levels of layout for American TV. It can be seen that in the field of American drama, the content distribution of video platform has also taken shape.


On the battlefield of the video platform, solo broadcast has become the norm. According to Tencent's "1818 Tencent Entertainment White Paper" released on January 17, 2019, the total number of TV dramas in the six major video websites increased by 14.5% in 2018, and the total number of broadcasts has exceeded 200 billion.

The solo strategy can greatly increase the growth of paid members, but it also means an increase in costs. At the same time that Iqiyi and Tencent video paying members are close to 100 million, they have completely different pricing strategies from foreign streaming media giants such as Netflix. Domestic joint members and 50% off activities continue, while Netflix started in 2019. It announced the full price increase.

Obviously, the domestic video platform in the expansion stage has not yet reached the price of the member. In order to maximize content appeal and reduce costs, the unique content strategy tends to be “differentiated”, perhaps the response of the video platform. In addition to the mainstream dramas and dramas, Tencent's documentary channel, iQiyi's literary and art theaters, and various video platforms have achieved this "differentiation" effect on online big movies.

For the second-line video platform beyond Teng Ai you, differentiation alone broadcast is more important. Mango TV's strategy is an excellent example, in the early development of the "youth" and "happiness" and other characteristics, focusing on the variety of this area of advantage, 2018 Mango TV although only produced 10% of the total variety network, but in the whole TOP10 list, Mango TV, however, occupied five seats. Sohu in recent years focused on the theme of drama in suspense and other advantages, is also a suitable survival strategy.

To video platform, introduction channel such as American TV is also the battlefield that content differentiates. With the improvement of audience appreciation, the broadening of the horizon and the maturity of the copyright market, the introduction of content will be more and more important to the head video platform.

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