Ali, Tencent and other Internet enterprises sign a letter of responsibility for preventing and controlling Telecom Network Fraud

[TechWeb] July 11th news, according to the news released by the official website of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, a few days ago, the Network Security Administration of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, together with the Criminal Investigation Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security, the Central Network Office, the Integrated Coordination Management and Law Enforcement Supervision Bureau, China Internet Conference "2019 Prevention and Control Telecommunications Network Fraud Forum", organized Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu, Jingdong, Bytes Beat, Fighting more, Sina Weibo, 58 City, Meituan, Century Jiayuan, Nets Technology 11 units Signed a “Responsibility Book for the Prevention of Telecommunication Network Fraud in Key Internet Enterprises” to further strengthen the main responsibility of enterprises, effectively strengthen social supervision and industry self-discipline, and actively purify the network communication environment.

It is understood that the responsibility letter of key Internet enterprises to prevent and manage telecom network fraud clearly defines the following liability requirements:

First, in strict accordance with national laws and regulations and the requirements of the competent authorities, actively carry out the prevention and control of telecommunications network fraud, and conscientiously implement the "Works on the centralized clean-up of the Internet to prevent and control telecommunications network fraud crimes" jointly issued by the six ministries and commissions, and the Office of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Regarding the requirements for further efforts to further improve the focus of the 2019 prevention and control of telecommunications network fraud, and other relevant tasks, we will continue to deepen the effectiveness of prevention and control.

Second, establish and improve the telecommunications network fraud prevention and governance system. Clear responsibility department, improve the working mechanism, form a closed-loop management. Strictly implement the requirements of user account management and establish a mechanism for the closure of illegal accounts in accordance with the law. Establish and improve fraud risk inspection early warning and rapid response disposal mechanism, actively prevent fraud risk. According to the requirements, the implementation of the responsibility to prevent and control telecom network fraud will be included in the annual report of telecom business.

Third, establish and improve the telecom network fraud technology prevention system. Build and improve the telecom network fraud technology prevention system, effectively enhance the risk of fraud monitoring and early warning and blocking ability. Strengthen R & D investment, actively innovate to provide network, platform, terminal side anti-deceit technology products, increase application and promotion.

Fourth, strengthen the enterprise platform telecom network fraud problem clean up. Conscientiously implement the Internet fraud centralized clean-up related task requirements, strengthen self-examination and self-correction. Carry on the comprehensive investigation and clean up to the enterprise platform, strengthen the weak link of management in time, actively prevent the spread of fraud information. Conduct a comprehensive investigation of the goods sold on the enterprise platform, and shut down or remove the illegal purchase and purchase of telephone recharge cards, telephone cards, physical network cards, etc.

5. Further strengthen the risk assessment of new business fraud risks. Improve the internal prevention and control system of the enterprise, establish and improve the safety assessment mechanism, strengthen fraud risk assessment in key aspects such as new business new application research and development, and online operation, strengthen professional team building and vulnerability investigation, and actively prevent potential risks.

Sixth, further strengthen the reporting acceptance and synergy linkage. Establish and improve the disposition process of telecommunication network fraud reporting and reporting, verify and dispose of the frauds reported by public security organs and users, and report the results in a timely manner. Report the illegal clues discovered by the enterprise to the public security organs and the competent departments of the industry in a timely manner, further strengthen information sharing and work linkage, and form a joint force of governance.

Ali Tencent Internet signing prevention governance telecommunications network fraud responsibility book

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