April 15, according to people familiar with the matter, industry renowned big data and algorithm expert Zhou Yang is now officially joined VIPKID, in charge of online education platform big data system construction. Today, VIPKID officially confirmed the news. It is reported that after joining VIPKID, Zhou Yang will devote himself to promoting the construction of the underlying data system, mining more business application scenarios and exploring the intelligence of online educational data, transforming the data into productivity to drive and support business decisions and enhance the user experience.

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Big data and algorithm expert Zhou Yang joins VIPKID

Zhou Yang is a well-known big data and algorithm expert in Silicon Valley. He was previously the head of LinkedIn and LinkedIn's growth and international business data science. The concept of the world's most popular professional "data scientist" is created by LinkedIn. During LinkedIn, Zhou Yang created and led the growth data team to help LinkedIn achieve rapid user growth in emerging markets, including emerging markets, increasing the number of users from 200 million to 650 million, and driving data-driven decision-making and products centered on user value. Innovation makes an outstanding contribution.

After earning his doctorate in computer science from Michigan State University in 2010, Zhou worked at Yahoo American Research Institute, Microsoft and other well-known companies. During Yahoo USA Research, Zhou Yang participated in the research and development of the display advertising user-directed project as a benchmark product in the field of display computing advertising.


LinkedIn data expert Zhou Yang join VIPKID responsible data system

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