The website of the website promotes the special rectification of APP chaos: shut down the 33638 illegal app

[TechWeb] on April 15, according to the Shanghai official account, since December 2018, the State Network Information Office, in conjunction with relevant departments, has launched a special crackdown on yellow gambling, malicious programs, illegal games, and bad learning type mobile APP. Stop disembarking illegal APP 33638, intercept more than 2.34 million links to malicious websites, social platforms clean up more than 24.74 million vulgar bad information, and ban more than 3.64 million illegal accounts.


In the distribution link, the group interviewed the responsible persons of 20 major application stores, and ordered the enterprises to conscientiously fulfill their main responsibilities, improve the flow of application inspection on the shelf, improve the technical capability of safety detection, and clean up the illegal mobile applications in a timely manner.

In the communication process, we urged the main social platforms such as WeChat, QQ, Weibo, Forum, and Post Bar to strengthen management power, and strengthen the review of the off-site links and QR codes in the group for the characteristics of group communication.



Net letter office promotion APP chaos special rectification shut down off the shelf 33638 models violations APP

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