Google announced that the YouTube game channel will be officially closed on May 30th

[TechWeb] May 30th news, according to foreign media DualShockers reported that as a dedicated space for game-related content, the YouTube game channel will be officially closed on May 30.


In November 2006, Google bought YouTube, for $1.65 billion and operated it as a subsidiary. As one of its largest audiences, game-related video and streaming services remain one of the ways Google wants to consolidate YouTube's foothold in streaming video.

YouTube Game Channel, originally launched in August 2015, aims to provide a unique center focused on YouTube game-related video and content creators.

Google announced that it would shut down the YouTube gaming channel on May 30, 2019, when most of the features and content provided on the platform will be reintegrated or incorporated into YouTube.

Although the company has done its best to cater to viewers by allowing YouTube gaming channels, the app and dedicated site on YouTube will be officially offline in a few days.

In a post on deleting the YouTube game channel, Google explained that all game-related videos and content will still be effective through the "Game" tab on the YouTube homepage.

As a result, viewers do not lose access to videos and creators they focus on, as well as to some of the more specific features introduced by YouTube gaming channels, such as dedicated centers for specific games and lists of games that viewers may subscribe to. (little fox)

Google YouTube games channel will May 30 official closed

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