Shell to find a house ready to go public Tencent increase chain home to enter the secondary market

According to the Times Weekly report, the shells are looking for a house or are ready for listing. The original investors’ shares in the chain will be translated into shells through the mirror agreement. From the perspective of ownership structure, shells will find houses higher than chain homes. Tencent will increase the number of shells to find a house, and find a house diversion to the shell.

In February of this year, some people's WeChat payment "third-party services" came out with a third-party merchant: shells to find a house. This is a preview of the shell to find a room to stay in WeChat payment, but also a very obvious change signal.

According to the data, the shell search room was launched at the end of April 2018. It started from the chain home, but unlike the vertical self-operated model of Chain Home, its mission is to create a platform. It calls for sharing real estate information and chain management model to attract brokers and brokerage firms. Introduced VR viewing at the right time. Take the "VR viewing, VR speaking room, VR belt to see" three major VR core functions.

Shell search House listing Tencent increase holding chain level 2

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