Apple officially pushes iOS 12.0.1 official version and closes iOS 11.4.1 Verification Channel

[ TechWeb ] Apple officially launched the first official version update of iOS 12 today. This update mainly focuses on bug fixing without adding any new features. The following figure shows the repair project:

Meanwhile, Apple stopped signing iOS 11.4.1 today, which means closing the authentication channel of iOS 11.4.1. Users who update to iOS 12 will not be able to downgrade to iOS 11. Users can only downgrade to iOS 12 from iOS 12.0.1.

It's basically the usual practice for Apple to shut down the downgrade channel, and usually it doesn't give users too long to choose from. In addition to fixing bugs and Bug, Apple is also trying to keep users' devices on the latest iOS.

Yesterday, the analysis company showed that the installation rate of Apple's new system iOS 12 has reached 50%. The installation rate of the new system exceeds iOS 11 and there is no suspense. Compared with Apple's iOS system, iOS 11 can be said to be the worst word of mouth. iOS 11 seems to be the most popular generation system for users. It will appear from time to time in various unstable and stuck situations.

Text / Hu Yajun

Apple Official Push iOS 12 0.1 Official Closed iOS 11 4.1 Verification Channel

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