Jia Yueting stepped down as chairman of LeTV's film industry, Liu Shuqing and others joined


[TechWeb] July 3rd news, the company looked up information display, on June 25, LeTV Film (Beijing) Co., Ltd. business information changed, Jia Yueting stepped down as chairman of LeTV Film, Liu Shuqing, Li Yuhao joined, served as a director.

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LeTV Film was founded in December 2011 and was founded by Zhang Zhao, then president of Light Film. Affected by the LeTV debt crisis, LeTV's valuation fell sharply and cash flow was affected.

In January 2017, Sunac invested 15 billion yuan in the LeTV system, of which 1.05 billion yuan was used to purchase a 15% stake in LeTV. After the completion of the transfer, Sunac China is the second largest shareholder of LeTV.

Eleven months later, Rong Chuang continued to increase capital to Letv Pictures. After the capital increase was completed, Rong Chuang's Tianjin Jiarui owned 47.5 percent of Letv Pictures, becoming the largest shareholder, Letv Holdings retired to the second largest shareholder, with a stake of 16.3592 percent.

In March 2018, Zhang Zhao issued an internal letter, officially announced that the company changed its name to Lechuang Entertainment. After the name change, Zhang Zhao was still the chairman and CEO of Lechuang Entertainment.

On June 24 this year, Zhang Zhao resigned as a related official in Lectra Entertainment. Sun Yiyi, the president of Sunac Cultural Group, took over the post of CEO of Lechuang Entertainment.

LeTV Film was once a popular company with stars gathered. The company found information that Zhang Yimou, Huang Xiaoming, Guo Jingming, Sun Honglei, Li Xiaoyu and other stars are still shareholders of LeTV. (Zhou Xiaobai)

Jia Yueting outgoing Letv Film Chairman Liu Shu Qing

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