Bilibili responded to the success rate of water injection lottery in the firing screen: it is off-line for activating the atmosphere.

In response to the April 26 afternoon news, Bilil responded to the success rate of the launch screen water injection lottery, saying the feature was designed to energize the screen atmosphere and did not involve cash transactions. Bili admits that there is controversy in the functional design, indicating that the function has been rectified offline.

Bilibili was exposed before the back end of the code leak, one of the code notes: the lottery did not succeed to send a bullet screen, the probability of 20%, resulting in a lot of people to win the false appearance. On this issue, the Shanghai Consumer Insurance Commission twice to talk about Bili website, urged companies to treat consumers in good faith, as soon as possible to provide a convincing explanation of the relevant issues. Shanghai Consumer Insurance Commission officials said they will continue to follow up on the issue.


Station return hair screen water injection draw success rate active atmosphere off-line

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