Risk control rowing, 3.4 billion funds capsized, JD.com Noya who is lying?


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In the past two days, there has been a billion-dollar thunder. The multinational company Chengxing Group has had problems. Its chairman Luo Jing was arrested, and a series of company pants with business relationships have been given up.

Chengxing Group is a multinational integrated group with three listed companies, namely Chengxing International Holdings, which is mainly engaged in the pan-entertainment industry and the Hong Kong stocks are backdoor;

Mainly engaged in intelligent hardware, the Boss shares in the A-share backdoor;

Major health, Caming Healthcare (BAC) marketed in Singapore's main board.

A group has three board-level listed companies in three markets, and its strength is not strong.

There are still problems, and a large number of companies are involved, from finance to the Internet, to give them a good time.

Take a look at this case and we'll find some interesting points.

How did Luo Jing go in? Was arrested by the police.

Why is the police arrested? Because someone has an active alarm.

Who called the police?

What is the Noya Group? Is one of the oldest financial institutions in China, the business covers offline, large scale, has been listed.

There is a saying in the industry that the richest people in every city, not Noya's clients, are on their way to becoming Noya's customers, because their financial planner will definitely let you pay for it.

You don't care if it's a mockery or a compliment, but they're right to be big.

The question is, why does Noah want to arrest the police?

The reason is that Noah's Gopher assets have a number of privately-owned products that are related to the Chengxing Group. The total size is 3.4 billion, and the rate belongs to the creation series. It is one of the core products of Noah Group. It can be understood as every The richest group of people in a city, mainly bought such products.

If there is a big problem with the product, Noah may be hanged and beaten by the richest people in each city and stepped on the ground.

Ten thousand feet.

So Noya is more afraid of the $3.4 billion debt problem than anyone else, so even if you tear your face apart, people will generally laugh at each other for the sake of money.

This is the real, front foot slap in the face, the back foot worship hall light, which is the basic operation in our financial circle.

As a fundraiser, taking the initiative to report the debtor chairman to detonate the mine is usually not likely to happen, because it is not good for both sides, we all play together.

There is only one possibility in theory.

The debtor is a werewolf, so take a gun and take it away.


How is the debtor wrong?

When Chengxing International wanted to raise funds, it was mortgaged, and the accounts receivable from them and JD.com SUNING were mortgaged.

JD.com SUNING this kind of e-commerce, in the course of operation, not that the customer paid the money to the supplier, but with all suppliers have an account period, generally speaking, you come to JD.com or JD.com to sell the goods, are first shipped, the user pays the eCommerce, and then after the user confirms the receipt of the N (usually 90 to 180) days later, to the supplier settlement.

So it is equivalent to manufacturers in JD.com / SUNING to sell goods, it will take a long time to get the money.

This is a common practice in the industry. Big supermarkets are also like this. Although the money is slow, the money is indeed for the merchants. After all, consumers pay for the goods, and the money is there.

Therefore, in theory, this kind of accounts receivable is a very good guarantee.

Even large e-commerce companies have loans specifically for suppliers. They owe money to others, and they have to pay interest to borrow money.

Chengxing has a total of 5.747 billion accounts receivable in JD.com and SUNING, of which SUNING 4.275 billion and SUNING 1.333 billion.

With such a large amount of accounts receivable, Noah did not eat it exclusively.

There is also a bad luck, called Yunnan Trust, Yunnan Trust also issued a trust product to Chengxing, the collateral is also the accounts receivable.

In theory, such a good asset will not cause any problems.

But now the problem is that this receivable, controlled by Noya's risk, may be problematic when it comes to post-loan management.

So Noah’s first call to the police was to preserve the assets and occupy enough opportunities in the subsequent liquidation.

Chengxing has issued too many bonds, involving more than a dozen trust, securities and capital management companies, not only Noya and Yunnan Trust, but also a dozen trust, securities and capital management companies. People line up to ask for debt and do not know what year to go.

So this game is called running fast.


If it’s just Noah’s rush, then this case won’t arouse my interest. It’s nothing more than being cheated. There are so many sand sculpture companies on the market that they are actually awkward, even if they are cheated, It’s nothing more than buying a lesson. There were more cases than this one.

Jingdong and Suning did not admit that they had these accounts receivable, saying that it was forged by Chengxing. This is actually very normal. It is very common to falsify goods.

Generally speaking, around accounts receivable, true or false is a very simple thing, JD.com SUNING said that there is no, this should not be controversial.

The most interesting point of this case came, and Luo Shengmen appeared.

Noah and Yunnan Trust said that these invoices were all true. Chengxing is working with Jingdong in large numbers and has a large amount of accounts payable.

However, JD.com said that there is no existence, advise you to be kind.

When things come to this point, there must be lies on both sides.

Noah Wealth publicly stated that Chengxing is a supplier to Jingdong. There are a large number of long-term transactions between the two parties. Now Jingdong denies these things, so its Gefei assets have already sued Chengxing and Jingdong for this financing.

Noah's insiders also said that they had verified the invoice issued by Chengxing to Jingdong, and that there was a JD's credit transfer agreement and it was confirmed with Jingdong.

Jingdong is not willing to show weakness, saying that Chengxing is only a general supplier. All the information is forged. There is not so much account receivable from itself and Chengxing. In the whole process, Gofi did not verify the authenticity of the contract with Jingdong. It is recommended that Noah take care of his own risk control.

Suning and Yunnan Trust are the same, but more wonderful.

The Yunnan Trust stated that the procedures for the office in Suning’s office together with the relevant person in charge of Chengxing were handled by Suning employees.

But after the accident, Suning said that there is no such employee at all, and the contract is naturally fake.

Everyone is not convinced of soft, and what they say makes a lot of sense.

That's it, it caught my interest.

To put it bluntly in this case, it cannot be said that JD.com and SUNING have no responsibility at all, but the main problem is that the capital side is more responsible, and of course the biggest responsibility lies with the liar.

The risk control of the fund side is not done to the utmost extent, or it has entered the misunderstanding of thinking, resulting in many due processes not doing well.

The pre-lending risk control of Noah and Yunnan Trust is not good enough. I will explain where there are problems.

Noya said it had verified the invoice issued by Guangzhou Chengxing to JD.com. The invoice was true, and there was a very obvious loophole here.

People who have done the financial know that, although the invoice itself can be verified, the business represented on the back of the invoice is not necessarily true. The invoices are to be sent to Jingdong. The bearing is the Invoicing Party. The billing party can pay a certain amount of taxes to open the true invoice.

Moreover, it is the basic common sense that the invoice itself does not represent the authenticity of the business and only pays taxes on behalf of the enterprise.

Therefore, more meticulous risk control, when getting the ticket, not only to verify the authenticity of the ticket itself, but also to confirm the authenticity of the business with the JD.com business docking personnel who can confirm their identity, but also to get the original contract of the business and require them to verify it.

This verification can be issued by JD.com with a letter of proof, or it can be confirmed and signed face to face.

We can see that Noah's two points in this case are not good. First, I did not confirm the authenticity of the contract to Jingdong. This is a very big mistake, and it was seized by Jingdong to counterattack.

There is also a letter of proof and face-to-face confirmation that the signature has not been the best, and even accept the signature of the letter, God knows who the letter was sent to, and who signed it.

Noah said that he and Jingdong have made the right, then who is it? At what time? In what form did you make the right? Is that person Jingdong? This is very important.

Now Jingdong dares to say that Noah’s own risk control is not done well, and he has not confirmed it with Jingdong. It seems that there are some problems.

Even if it is signed in person, it is not so simple, Yunnan Trust has made a wrong demonstration.

The Yunnan Trust thought that someone was carrying it and signing it in Suning’s office, the business must be true, which is not professional enough.

Because buying out a few conference rooms from insiders is not very difficult in itself. As a lender of fraud, buy out conference rooms, apply for a few visitor qualifications, arrange a few people who pretend to be executives, and add dozens of fake official seals, it is not difficult at all. Money can communicate with each other, and it is still such a large sum of money.?

So what should risk control do?

The so-called face-to-face confirmation of the signature, according to the previous standard of our bank, refers to the office in Jingdong/Suning, and the person in charge who can confirm the identity (the company issued the in-service certificate and verified the identity card information), in the double recording (audio recording) Under the premise, read the terms one by one and confirm it, then sign and press the fingerprint.

Only in this way, can we exclude human intervention factors to the greatest extent and protect their own interests.

Neither family did anything without blemish, so it left a chance for the liar.


With this case, I would like to say something else, related to risk control, you can listen to jokes, think of it as my complaint.

I did risk control in the bank in the early years, I have done a lot of due diligence, and there are many peers.

In my opinion, there are not many really professional people in the whole industry, and every time I take over my predecessor's case, I always find out what's wrong.

Not that they are not smart, but that they have too much cleverness.

These cleverness make them like to ignore some rules in exchange for convenience, but they are not smart enough to think about why there are such troublesome rules.

For example, if Cheng Xing's case is strictly in accordance with my rules, the face-to-face interview will be double-checked (work, position, identity), and even more field visits, then at least it will not be so easily smashed.

When I was shocked by the Qingdao port warehouse single-massage fraud case, I found that it was a very simple warehouse receipt and multiple pledges. The high-end enterprises signed different contracts with different warehouses. The same batch of goods was transferred around and opened differently. Warehouse receipts, as long as you go to the field to visit, it is not difficult to see the problem.

The lower end did not even do multiple warehouse receipts, that is, warehouse receipts were torn down into three sheets, and three warehouse receipt pledge loans were deceived from three institutions.

In the case of a fraud in a place in Henan, when I went to the survey, I looked at the food as a pledge, because the bulk of the grain couldn't be filled with the warehouse, so that it would be suffocated, and the food was in essence the respiratory demand of the seed. If a grain-loaded warehouse is a quadrilateral, it is to be a sharp-pointed shape, with a maximum of only half of it, and then it's in the hands of the rattan.

Later, in Zhejiang, I made a pledge of alcohol. I questioned why the so-called 20-year-old puree was so new. It was required to open the cans at random and find out the water as the puree.

These cases are not complicated, and I am not such a magical smart person. It is enough to see through scams that sometimes just need to be carried out silently in accordance with the standard risk control process.

But with such a simple thing, many people with high reputations are not willing to do it because LOW, because of the soil.

Of course, sometimes it is not entirely bad, but many of the risk control managers sitting in the office are unwilling to go to the field to make adjustments. It is not entirely bitter and tired, but has deeper considerations.

Because if there is no real adjustment, there is a problem after the loan, although the risk control is also responsible, but in many cases the responsibility is not very big, and can be shirked to the business side, it can even be said that the business side did not require the site to be adjusted is dereliction of duty .

And if the risk control really appears on the ground, then the main responsibility of this case is on the risk control. If there is still a problem after the actual adjustment, the risk control will be collusion with the people, or the risk control level will not work, no matter Which is a very serious consequence.

People are profit-seeking. If you think about it with a little care, you can take the same amount of money and why you have to carry so many risks.

So now, the risk control of the whole industry close to the business is less and fewer, sitting in the office, blowing air conditioning, calling and tapping computer mail to do PPT risk control more and more.

Everyone for their own consideration, is not happy to change owners, anyway, risk control is so popular.

If it is pure Internet business, but involving offline large assets of the business, if not to do the extreme, is not responsible to the company and investors.

In fact, many scams in the business are visible to the naked eye, but they are invisible across the screen.

As the backing of the business, the risk control, do not dare to rush to the front line, do not dare to cover the business, this is not enough professionalism.

So at the end of the day, I think this is actually a professional issue.

Other industries do not devote themselves to work, nothing more than rowing water without much output.

As the bottom of the wind control career, the beginning of the water, the risk is unpredictable, many people have money in their lifetime.

This is something that is hard to forgive.

But it is not this that is more difficult to be forgiven, but a lot of risk control is not done, but it is done too well, but it has been suppressed for various reasons.

After many problems were found, the wind control was told to listen to the boss. If the boss had other arrangements, he would not be able to see it and close his eyes and sign it.

This is more serious than risk control rowing in the industry. Risk control is ordered to row.

You row, I row everyone, and finally we overturn the boat.

This time the project was overturned, but other projects under water, are there any similar problems?

Many companies claim to have multiple wind controls, and the number of nouns can't be understood. How many of them are paddling?

It will be dawn, who will be the next ship?

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Wind control rowing 3.4 billion money capsize JD.com Noya who's lying?

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