Baidu network disk officially issued a statement on "using Baidu network disk group to spread obscene video case"

This morning, Baidu's official website on Weibo issued a statement on "Jiangsu's cracking of the use of Baidu's network group to spread obscene video cases."

The following is the original text of the statement:

In response to the media report "Jiangsu cracked the use of Baidu network group to spread obscene video case", the special explanation is as follows:

1, Baidu network disk has always attached great importance to the attack on obscene pornography, establish a professional team, and in-depth cooperation with the police to jointly monitor and combat bad information. In response to the constant change of the means of cheating by lawless elements, Baidu's network disk will continue to strengthen its strategy and technology, and increase the monitoring and cracking of illegal and illegal content such as obscenity and pornography on the whole network.

Thank you for your attention. To build a healthy and positive network environment requires the joint efforts of the whole society. If you find any suspected illegal, illegal behavior, welcome to Baidu user Service Center for complaints, Baidu will be the first time to check and deal with.

Baidu network disk official utilization Baidu network disk group communication obscenity video case statement

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