Alipay upgrades delayed to account: delayed to account can be withdrawn by " one key" if defrauded

[TechWeb] August 21st news, Ant Financial Service announced today that Alipay's delay to account upgrade to 2.0. It is reported that if a fraud is encountered, as long as the delay transfer has not yet arrived, the timely warning will freeze the transaction. Once the police issue the stop payment order, the transfer can be returned.

It is understood that Alipay's risk control can also identify risks, if it is judged that there is a risk of transfer, it will automatically prompts "may be experiencing telecommunications fraud", and suggests that users cancel the transfer or delay transfer.

At the same time, Alipay also worked with the police a day ago to optimize the anti-fraud process: for users who choose to delay to the account, if they are found to have been cheated before they arrive at the account, although the user cannot withdraw it on their own, they only need to upload the relevant credentials for reporting to the police. The transfer will be temporarily frozen. Once the police determined that the fraud was true, the transfer could be returned.

Alipay said that with the help of intelligent risk control, Alipay's current loss rate is less than 5 million, which is lower than the international counterparts' two-thousandths. Moreover, even if a small probability of stolen brushing occurs, Alipay has a user protection mechanism that is stolen in full. According to reports, last year Alipay launched "you dare to accept, I dare to pay", the scope of protection will be extended to the use of the code of the code, the package can also get paid.

Alipay upgrade delay account delay account fraud one-click withdrawal

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