Apple sued by former supplier, apple watch distress function accused of infringement, bad news list on August 21

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Zomm, a former Apple supplier, said one of Apple Watch's key features, Emergency SOS, was stolen.

Zomm said in the indictment that it had developed and applied for emergency services-users could easily call local police for help by pressing a button on a device and that Apple was "close to Zomm for the purpose of stealing technology." This feature is then applied to Apple Watch without permission.

Zomm said it was discovered by Apple at the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show, where it showed the Wireless Leash-a Bluetooth phone locator. Apple then approached Zomm and asked the latter to release a iPhone version of the Wireless Leash.Zomm and decide to work with it.

After reaching a secret agreement with apple, zomm began to develop iphone version of wireless leash plus and informed apple of plans to develop corresponding products for smart watches, bracelets and other wearable devices. Zomm also discloses a patented function that holds down the last button of wireless leash for 3 seconds. no matter where the user is, it will automatically make a local alarm call - the user does not need to operate the mobile phone.

According to Zomm, the sale of Wireless Leash Plus is good, but it barely makes any money, because the contract is good for Apple. A few months after Zomm showed Lifestyle Connect, the main call for help, at the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show, Apple discontinued the contract to sell Wireless Leash Plus at its store. But Apple began placing orders to buy multiple Wireless Leash Plus for "Apple executives, developers and scientists." Zomm said that due to doubts about these orders, it informed Apple executives that the company had obtained a patent for emergency help function, and both parties could cooperate when needed, but did not receive an Apple response.

In June 2016, Apple announced the addition of an emergency help feature to Apple Watch, including the same features as the Zomm patent description and the previous secret contract coverage of the two companies. Zomm said that this feature is not called Emergency 911 because, similar to its patent, this feature determines the location of the user's alarm phone number and then makes a call.

Zomm asked Apple to compensate for the damage caused by patent infringement and unfair competition, as well as legal fees.

Bad news list NO.2-NO.9

Harold's bicycle was illegally released in Shenzhen, and Shenzhen municipal communications commission issued another statement ordering it to be recycled.

On August 21st, the report was issued in response to the illegal operation and operation of Haro bicycles in Shenzhen. The Shenzhen Municipal Communications Commission issued a notice, organized the verification at the first time, and interviewed the Harrow bicycle company, clearly telling Shenzhen to share bicycles. Management requirements, ordered Haro bicycles to immediately rectify, clean up and recycle the Haro bicycles in Shenzhen, if refused to rectify, will be severely punished and credited to the credit record. The Municipal Communications Commission said that it reminds the general public that the current Harrow bicycles are put into operation and operation in Shenzhen are illegal. Please choose carefully to avoid damage to your rights and interests. In addition, the Municipal Communications Commission revealed that it is speeding up the legislation on Internet rental bicycle management. At present, the drafting of the “Interim Measures for the Administration of Shenzhen Internet Rental Bicycles” (draft) has been basically completed. The next step will be to conduct public consultation and welcome the general public. Participation will complete the relevant legislative work with the relevant units as soon as possible to provide support for the industry's standardized management.

Apple shares were downgraded as the iPhone X fever could weigh on new machine sales this yea

New Street Research, an independent research firm, downgraded Apple's stock to a "sell" rating because it believes the popularity of the iPhone X could drag down sales of new models this year, CNBC reported on Aug. 21. Pierre Ferragu, an analyst at the agency, said Apple's successful launch of the iPhone X last year had led to premature upgrades for some users, which would affect subsequent demand for Apple's new phones. In a report Monday, he said the negative impact of the iPhone X was so great that investors should sell Apple shares. New Street Research predicts that iPhone's revenue will be 10% lower than Wall Street's forecast in 2019. Ferragu believes Apple's earnings per share for fiscal year 2019 and fiscal year 2020 will be 9% and 6% lower than analysts'average expectations, respectively.

< Jubilee introduction > Resources sold online: as low as 8 cents, the film side is responsible

On August 21st, the court drama "Yanqi Raiders", which was supervised by Yu Zheng, has been welcomed by the majority of netizens since its launch. It is close to the finale, and the popularity has reached a new high. It has also spawned the phenomenon that genuine drama resources are sold online. At present, many people have sold the drama resources online, and the price is around 8.8 yuan, including the entire episode. In fact, on August 20th, there have been a large number of unspoken episodes of malicious distribution and sales of "Deferred Raiders" on the Internet. The number of leaked episodes has even reached 69 episodes, which is almost the end of the game. After all the resources, the whole drama has been read. In this regard, the film party issued a statement in Guanwei that any dissemination, dissemination and sale of the drama has not yet broadcast the content of the drama has constituted an infringement, and the relevant infringers should immediately stop infringing, deleting and blocking such infringing content. The film will also pursue the legal responsibility of the infringer.

The advertisement at the bottom of " Ruyi\\'s Royal Love in the Palace" can't get rid of being raved by netizens. Tencent video apologizes: it's a bug.

August 21 news, the high-profile ancient costume drama "Ruyi Chuan" last night in Tencent video broadcast, the result of the video has always been accompanied by a brand of milk powder advertising, and the whole process can not be removed, causing a large number of audience discontent. "Dear users of Ruyi Zhuan and Tencent Video, we are very sorry because of the bug in the advertising system, which has brought you a bad viewing experience," the official microblog of Tencent Video apologized last night. We are investigating and gradually resuming normal watching, and again apologize. " At present, Tencent video's "biography" has been restored, the removal of advertisements can be normal viewing.

Said that the online game "Qingdao" account was blocked, the player v. the game operator claims 80,000

On August 21, player Qiu claimed that his online game account had been permanently sealed, resulting in losses, so he sued Beijing Guangyu online Technology Co., Ltd, the operator of the game, to the court. The company is required to compensate for virtual property losses, moral losses, reasonable expenses totalling 80,000 yuan. A few days ago, Haidian Court accepted the case. Qiu, the plaintiff, claims that as a player of online games, he has invested a lot of time and money in the 19 game accounts he owns, and now has a very high level of players. Guangyu has permanently sealed the 19 game accounts owned by the plaintiff on the grounds that the plaintiff used third-party assistant software in the game (that is, plug-in), but the plaintiff never used any third-party assistant software in the game. The plaintiff repeatedly reflected this issue to the customer service of Guangyu Company, which still did not unseal the above account number.

An Apple Store in Amsterdam was evacuated due to the fever of the iPad battery

August 21, according to foreign media reports, August 19 at 8 A. m. EDT, an Apple Store in Amsterdam after the iPad flat panel battery overheating emergency evacuation. Specifically, some people found that iPad batteries were overheating in Apple Store. To prevent accidents, employees placed overheated iPad in a garbage can filled with sand and evacuated it, although there was no smoke or fire. But three people complained about breathing problems after the incident. Staff and customers were allowed to return to the store 40 minutes after the local fire department arrived at 8:20. This is not the first time Apple Store has seen a similar incident in Apple Store, Zurich, in January 2018, when employees and customers were evacuated after an overheated iPhone 6s battery caught fire. On that occasion, an employee suffered minor burns, but the iPhone 6s did not cause more damage because they were properly handled.

Microsoft finds a new round of Russian hacking attacks against US political groups

On August 21st, before the 2018 US mid-term elections, the US side discovered a new round of hacking attacks related to the Russian political group. A report released on Monday night said that Microsoft found and banned several fake websites designed to trick visitors into hacking organizations associated with the Russian government to invade their computers. Two of the fake sites mimic the two conservative organizations in the United States—the Hudson Institute and the International Republican Institute. The other three domain names are fake official websites like the Senate. This discovery emphasizes that the United States should work hard to avoid recurrence of events during the 2016 election. At the time, the US accused Russia of using false identity to influence the outcome of the US presidential election through social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

22 U.S. States jointly sued FCC for resuming the " network neutrality" rule

Later on Monday, local time, a team of 22 state attorneys and the District of Columbia, An appellate court in the United States is required to reinstate the Obama administration's landmark cyberneutrality rule, (Net neutrality)., which was introduced in 2015 The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted last December to repeal the ban on blocking Internet service providers. New rules passed by the FCC in early June that gave Internet service providers broad new powers and changed the way Americans use the Internet. States think the new FCC rules will hurt consumers. The states also say the FCC does not have any "effective authority" to go beyond states and local laws that protect network neutrality. So far, six state governors have signed executive orders on cyber neutrality and three have enacted cyber neutrality laws. (Liu Weixin / Titanium Media Internship Editor)

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