Huawei once again voices: it will not be affected by individual organizations

[TechWeb] Last week, the US Department of Commerce announced that Huawei was included in the “list of entities for export control”, which pressured Huawei one after another. First, Google suspended some of its business contacts with Huawei. Overseas users such as Google Play Store, Gmail, Google Search and YouTube could not be used. Then the British chip design company ARM was forced to "discontinued", Huawei HiSilicon chip CPU architecture The latest schema authorization will not be available.

Recently, the Wi-Fi Alliance of the wireless network certification organization has temporarily "temporarily restricted" Huawei's participation in the organization. The SD Association, the standardization organization for the SD card of portable device data storage devices, also canceled Huawei membership, and Huawei once again faced a "memory crisis."

As a mature high-tech company, Huawei is still able to maintain calm and rationality at this critical moment when the bullets and rumors are flying together. Regarding the external industry organization, Huawei issued a statement stating that it will not be subject to individual violations of transparency, openness, fairness, and The organization of the principle of discrimination and the impact of its actions. On the basis of complying with applicable laws and regulations, we will, as always, actively participate in relevant standards and industrial organizations, and through unremitting contributions, build an industrial ecology of benign health, fairness, openness and sustainable development.

The following: Huawei's present and future products and services are not subject to individual breaches of the principles of transparency, openness, impartiality and non-discrimination. Huawei will also actively participate in relevant standards and industrial organization on the basis of compliance with applicable laws and regulations, and build a healthy, fair and open and sustainable industrial ecology with customers and partners.

Standard is an important means for the development of science and technology and the progress of productivity in ICT information and communication industry. open and unified standards promote the cooperation of industrial chain and help to provide customers and consumers with higher performance-price ratio and better quality products and services. The rapid development of standard-based ICT technology has greatly promoted the development of information society. These achievements can not be separated from the contribution and joint efforts of many standard organizations, open source community and industrial alliance and other open industry organizations.

The reason that the standard organization, the open source community and the industry alliance can play such a great role is that all its activities follow the principles of transparency, openness, fairness and non-discrimination, and are in line with the requirements of the anti-monopoly law. Only when the organizations actually carry out and effectively maintain this basic principle, open to any person or unit that is willing to participate in it, so as to make the links of the industrial chain to cooperate and promote the benign development of the industrial ecology.

Standards and industrial organizations should adhere to the principles of openness and openness, and should not restrict, suspend or terminate the right of any member complying with the constitution of the organization to participate in the activities of an open organization, let alone because of any country, The political conduct of organizations or individuals hinders the cooperation and contribution of the global industry in open standards; Otherwise, it will undermine the standards and the principles of transparency, openness, fairness and non-discrimination of the industrial organization itself, shake the survival foundation of the organization, affect the achievement of the objectives of the organization, and even bring the risk of suspected violations of the anti-monopoly law to the organization itself and its members. It will also cause the fragmentation of the standard, unable to build a unified open standard of the global information and communication industry, and increase the cost and risk of each link of the industrial chain.

Huawei actively contributes to all kinds of industrial organizations, such as standard organization, industrial alliance, open source community and so on, speeding up industrial development and expanding industrial space. Huawei has joined more than 400 standards organizations, industrial coalitions and open source communities in more than 400 key positions. In 2018, we submitted more than 5000 standard proposals, with a cumulative total of nearly 60000.

Huawei again voice suffer influence

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