Win10 new version 18219 push: Skip Ahead channel only

On the morning of August 17, Microsoft this morning sent a new preview version of build 18219, code 19h1, to members of skip ahead channel. it finally " drew a line" with fast ring and ran toward the spring 2019 update.

Currently, the Fast Ring channel is previewed in RedStone 5, and the official version is expected to meet you in September or October.

This skip ahead channel did not give us a glimpse of the updated style of the next generation win 10. the function iteration only focuses on narrater ( narrator ) that is convenient for specific groups to use, including reliability improvement, screen scan mode optimization, and shortcut key operation simplification.

BUG fixes include 11 roughly counted items, including Bing searches in notebooks that swallow mathematical symbols, and Ctrl shortcuts when Edge opens an editable PDF file.

According to known information, Redstone 5 will eventually become the seventh official edition and the sixth scale iteration of windows 10, while 19h1 will be the eighth official edition and the seventh scale iteration of win 10.

Windows 10 new 18219 push: skip ahead channel only

Win10 new version 18219 push only Skip Ahead channel

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