Lei Junlin, Wang Chuan, Hong Fengqi, and Xiaomi sent a red envelope


TechWeb: today is the first working day of the year of the Pig. By custom, many companies are handing out red envelopes in an effort to make a good start.

Xiaomi is no exception. Lei Jun released the WeChat public account this morning, saying that early in the morning, the company’s executives sent new year benefits to Xiaomi employees in various work areas.

Among them, Lei Jun made a red envelope in Xiaomi 5, Lin Bin made a red envelope in Xiaomi Colorful City, and Wang Chuan and Hong Feng sent New Year's greetings to the staff in Xiaomi General Staff and Xiaomi Phase III respectively. The scene was a joyous scene.

Such a high-profile celebration of the resumption of work is inseparable from the achievements of Xiaomi in 2018.

Xiaomi shipped more than 120 million handsets in 2018, ranking fourth in the world after Huawei, according to official figures released by Xiaomi.

Lei Jun Lin Bin Wang Chuan Hong Fengqi battle Xiaomi distribution start work red envelope

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