I dug bitcoin for a year, and I had a wonderful fortune dream.


I dug a bit of bitcoin for a year and made a wonderful dream of making a fortune.

This article is from WeChat official account: story FM (ID:story_fm), narrator: Yu Lian, text: Liang Ke, operator: Liu Jun, head picture source: visual China

A few months ago, we released a story called "I am a nouveau riche." The protagonist of the story is a young man. In 2016, he gained a lot of wealth by burning bitcoin. He called himself a nouveau riche.

But today the protagonist of this story is not so lucky. His name is Yu Lian, and he will soon be 28 years old.

"Why are you so rich?" "the chunks make money."

That's what happened in 2017. I was very busy at that time. I had just returned to Beijing from my hometown in Dalian. The business project was not done. I was swaying all day, a little confused. I don’t know what to do next.

One day, I stumbled upon a college student on WeChat who came to Beijing. I asked him to eat and wanted to share the friendship of the landlord. He said yes.

As soon as I met, my old classmate pulled me to a shop I couldn't afford to consume, and ordered wine that I couldn't afford. Embarrassed, I can not help but wonder: "Why are you so rich?"

He has been in contact with the blockchain since 2015. At that time, the bitcoin market was still at a low point. So, in a few years, he has earned more than 100 times.

In 2017, he is going to make a mine that digs bitcoin and needs to find a suitable power plant. The bitcoin mining machine consumes a lot of electricity. If you want to be a mine, the electricity bill will save you money. When we were drinking, he just contacted a power plant and made a phone call with the other party. I listened to it and listened to it - since the income is so high, or I try?

I also dug the mine.

In August of that year, I contacted a power plant in Xinjiang and visited the area to see if it was possible to dig. Less than a month later, the problem came-the state put down a document that identified Bitcoin as risky. In the digital currency circle, the document was later referred to as the 1994 incident. As a result, the power plant in Xinjiang blew up. But at least, one trip down, I was in the circle of block chains.

Xinjiang power plant

And for me at the time, there was a bigger problem with the mine: I didn't have the money.

You want to borrow it from home? It's probably not going to happen. My relationship with my father has always been bad. He can't lend me the money. I had to borrow more than 200, 000 from the bank's credit card installments and buy 15 at 15000 per miner.

There is a mine machine. Where can I get a cheap electricity? In retrospect, our plan was magical-stealing electricity from the basement of the military home.

This is the case. The basement of the military family's home is powered by a separate line, and the troops next to it use the same grid. In this way, the electricity used by our mines simply cannot be seen.

So, boldly, we immediately rented a basement, bought all kinds of equipment, called an electrician to open a hole in the middle of the night, and connected the wire to the main electric box.

■ Bitcoin mining plant in the basement

Unexpectedly, finally got the free electricity, the mine still did not open. The problem is, I forgot to take into account the heat dissipation factor of the mine machine, as soon as it was turned on, the indoor temperature rose to 50 degrees Celsius, which scared us away.

After the basement plan was abandoned, I took 15 mining machines back to my father's farm in his hometown, pulled a few hundred meters of wire from the village committee, and finally dug up the mine.

The bitcoin mine in the farm

The world of flowers and flowers, singing and dancing, rose to a level.

I started digging in November 2017. Within a month, the price of Bitcoin rose from 30,000 yuan to 130,000 yuan. At first, I expected to earn 10 to 20, 000 a month at this small mine, but later I found that my monthly earnings were close to 100, 000.

So, I expanded and immediately returned to Beijing.

My college classmate who gets rich from Bitcoin families is also in Beijing. He is sociable with some of the machine manufacturers and often calls me for a big drink. After all, I am young, I have not seen any world, drink with them, only then know what is called "flower world"-empty bottles on the floor, drunk fans, drinking girls smile.

Once, we formed a bureau with some fellow villagers. After three rounds of wine, everyone had a good drink, and someone suggested, "Let's take these girls away!" So the boys took a few girls and drove away. When I woke up the next day, I found myself sleeping in a high-end hotel room next to a drunken girl, but the problem was that I could not remember what had happened last night.

The girl woke up and said, "Brother, give me three thousand dollars."

I was skeptical, but I still gave her three thousand dollars. I never thought it would be so easy to spend three thousand dollars.

But the world of flowers and flowers has not lasted for me for too long. From January 6 to 7, 2018, the bitcoin market turned sharply and the overall price was halved. Before that, I actually had the opportunity to stop the loss in time, but I was already stunned by the world of flowers, and I didn't want to give up this rare opportunity to make a fortune.

As soon as the price fell, my heart went cold.

what should I do? Should I sell both the mining machine and Bitcoin? Or should I go back to the old class? I do not know.

No, I have to save another game.

In March and April, one of my friends who had previously partnered in advertising suddenly became alive. He said, you see, you know so many people in the circle, why not transform these resources into transformation?

At this time, we remembered a friend of a person in Sichuan. The friend made a mine in a small place in Ganzi, Sichuan, and we offered to introduce her to the client.

The line is taken, where is the customer coming from? At this time, we have to introduce the derivative mode. We spent a total of 40 yuan, bought 100 blockchain-related WeChat groups, and advertised in the group all day long. We really brought a lot of customers and went to Sichuan with us.

So we saved up and down, and through these clients we pulled thousands of mining machines to be managed and extracted from the middle. In this way, I have a profit again, the mood suddenly became clear.

Bitcoin Mine in Sichuan

Unexpectedly, after a few months, the price of Bitcoin began to fall sharply, and customers have withdrawn. In other words, this game is yellow again.

Not willing, I encouraged the advertising friend to say, "Let's find a way to save another place." He said yes.

This friend is from Jiangxi Wuyuan. He has a friend from a local friend who provided a venue for the electricity of the Jiangxi Copper Mine. The reason why this electricity does not need money is because the people who run the site have a "relationship" in the copper mine.

So in May of that year, we built another mine in Wuyuan, Jiangxi Province. This time the mine is quite small, and most of them are low-cost investors like me, at most 20 or so per person. Finally, the mine can be put into operation, and I went back to Beijing.

The Bitcoin Mine in Jiangxi Province

Unexpectedly, the person who helped us manage the mine in the local area actually expanded. He was blowing around the world and said that he was doing a high-level business, and he was working on a blockchain, and he was quickly reported. So, this game is yellow again.

No, I have to take another round.

In June, I returned to my hometown and found an old friend who had a relationship with the locals. He discussed with him to apply for local nuclear power resources in the name of “cloud computing”. However, when I talked about it, I found that there was no suitable infrastructure in the local area. In addition, the government personnel who had docked had problems with the body and needed surgery. This matter had to be shelved.

In fact, by this stage, my financial situation has become very bad, every month in the wall to make up the wall, the snowball of debt roll bigger and bigger, the mood is extremely anxious.

But I still haven't been idle, I want to go to other resources.

At that time, I met a boss from Wenzhou through my brother-in-law. The boss has a hard relationship, and there is a large LED factory. The point is, the electricity bill in that factory is very cheap.

The boss asked me only one question, "how much money can I earn from this in a year?" when I was talking about business. I gave him an account that if he worked out 50, 000 mining machines, he would earn 50 million a year.

Unexpectedly, he simply dismissed this figure: "Fifty million? I owe more than a billion." I realized that economic strength is different, and people's horizons are really different.

At this time, I turned my attention to the starting point of business - Xinjiang.

This time, I pulled up another old classmate. The old classmate was a rich second generation in the middle of his family. At that time, his family was going to sell a house to pay off their debts, and I encouraged him to invest in the block chain with the money to sell the house. Just as he had studied finance abroad, he had some knowledge of it and decided to join.

The two of us went to Xinjiang together and found another second-generation classmate in the local area. The three went to the power plant where I first contacted. After seeing the local middleman, everything went smoothly. The responsible director promised on the spot and let me talk about it the next day.

Unexpectedly, when I passed the next day, the director changed his face and tried to play Tai Chi with me. I later learned from many parties that before us, another colleague had signed the power resources of this power plant, and we ran for a while.

No, I can't give up. I have to save another game.

My second generation classmate in Xinjiang is a Turpan. He took us back to Turpan and introduced the head of a local metallurgical group. I heard that the head and the relationship with them were very iron, and all of a sudden came hope.

I did not expect that this very strong leader told me on the spot that if he had come six months earlier, there would have been discussions on this matter, but at that time, because of the policy reasons of the country, they did not dare to enter the bureau.

I failed again. I can only remember the failure now, Turpan's weather thief is hot, Turpan's mutton kebab is delicious.

Dying stunned

Yu Lian in the Mine

At this point, I seemed to wake up a little. No, everything was wrong before. With great fantasies, I entered a field that I did not understand at all, but did not consider my actual abilities at all.

In fact, a lot of people like me who made a little money in the bubble of the block chain are likely to make this mistake. We mistakenly think that the temporary success of investment should be attributed to their ability, or good vision. In fact, it is not like this, all this is just your luck. Catching up with the dividend doesn't mean you really have the talent to invest.

In the fall of 2018, I tossed a big circle, and I was sober and poor.

My debt has been getting more and more, I don't know what to do with it, I can only be paralyzed myself, lying one day is one day.

Is there a turning point? Wait a minute, maybe there will be. I lied to myself like this.

Under heavy pressure, adolescent depression again visited me. I suddenly realized that I was nearly thirty years old, but psychologically, I was still the 15-or 16-year-old child who could not find certainty and care in the cold family.

Sleepy beast

Starting around September 2018, I experienced a major outbreak of depression, starting to get up every day from the moment I got up, and sitting in the window at night to get some dangerous thoughts. Those dangerous thoughts are always fleeting, but I pull my mood step by step to the darker corners.

By the end of the lunar year, I decided to make a change. I'll have to borrow a little money, plug the hole in front of me, get a job and cheer up.

Who are you looking for? I first thought of classmates and friends. But everyone knows that once there is a person in the circle of friends who is looking for someone to borrow money from the world, he will be treated as a god by everyone, and he will stay away from it.

Then, I found my mother, and compared with my father, she and I have a relatively good relationship. But she wasn't rich either.

Helpless, I hard to find my father. I asked him to lend me a portion of the money first, and I would spend half to a year trying to get it back in the future.

Father replied with determination, but politely, "Why should I help you?" I've done my part as a parent. I'll give you food and drink, and you'll go to school. Now that there is such a thing, why should I help you, though it is not a problem for me to take out the money? "

I have nothing to say.

I don't know if I should say it. At the beginning, I wanted to make a small fortune. In fact, there is a part of the motivation to pay for studying abroad. But I dare not think about it, this little ambition and unwillingness may in turn harm me.

I also understand that along the way, I have made a lot of decisions that should not be made. It's not a story with a bright ending. It's hard to define what this experience has brought to me. The myth of wealth is like a dream. For this dream, a lost young man has done some crazy things and made a few wrong decisions, and now he has to learn to bear the results.

This article is from WeChat official account: story FM (ID:story_fm), narrator: Yu Lian, text: Liang Ke, operator: Liu Jun, head picture source: visual China

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Dig one year bitcoin done wonderful rich dreams

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