Cai Xukun Weibo forwarded 100 million? How difficult is data dehydration?

Cai Xukun Weibo forwarded 100 million? How difficult is data dehydration?

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Recently, the female workers behind the traffic star are unemployed.

"Wheel Bo" that is, turn to forward Weibo, generally fans crazy to forward idols of a Weibo, to create very high data results.?

On the morning of June 11, the number of # 100 million transfers was put on the Weibo hot search list, with about 380 million as of the time of publication. The news began with an article released this morning by "half Moon talk", called "Star Aid"! Perspective on the fan culture disease behind 100 million forwarding.

It is mentioned in the article that Bo Xun, a software supporter with a microblog forwarding volume of over 100 million, was seized. It is understood that the app uses fans to idol brush traffic demand, profiting more than 8 million in half a year.

Behind this is the real feeling and extremely crazy spending behavior of the star-chasing girls, but what makes us curious is, how did the App rise? Why is fake traffic so common? What changes and improvements have been made to the platform?

1 Star Aid App is blocked, and tens of millions of roulette software?

You and I had no chance, but it was up to me to spend money.

The above ridicule has been circulating in the rice circle. Obviously, there is a market for demand, such as:

More and more different scales of the competition list; require fans to continue to log in, check-in and forward operations, etc.; use open screen, banner and other locations to promote the fans to compete for forwarding; some brands in order to stimulate fan spending , open a sales list; forwarded to a certain amount of data, the brand will open the star welfare egg...

"Some girls never admit defeat", in this psychological drive, fans madly forward microblogging, for idol liver data. The brand can get exposure from it, and the platform can also harvest a batch of traffic from fans.

It is precisely because of the need to “reverse the same Weibo multiple times” that Lubo has gradually changed from manual forwarding to one-click forwarding, and various rounds of blog applications have emerged.

Among them, including the Star Assistance App launched last July. This is an app for forwarding roulette and doing data. Fans log in directly through Weibo account. After you open the membership, you can bind multiple trumpet under your own Weibo account, the number is in the tens to thousands. Not waiting. You only need to paste the forwarded Weibo link, set the expression of the Weibo, the interval time, the number of forwarding, etc., which can double the number of forwarding.

Since Weibo will block some trumpet, fans can only do it by constantly recharging and continuing to bind the trumpet. On this basis, various summaries and guard numbers are also derived.

A fan of a member of a domestic male group said, "In addition to the satellite aid, there are also apps that do data such as super-assistance, love-assistance, and star-small classes." At present, the Super App and the Appreciation App are no longer available, and only the Star App can download.

On the front page of Star Class App, the entrance of "Weibo trumpet delivery" is very eye-catching and can receive 3 accounts and 15 accounts at random. After receiving, bind Weibo secondary account through account management, each binding account will consume 6 flowers.

To buy 30 flowers for 1 yuan, if I bind 5000 Weibo trumpets, I will recharge 1000 yuan, which does not include subsequent account maintenance.

Nowadays, the data war between idols is becoming more frequent, the purpose of brand sales is becoming more and more obvious, fans need liver data platform is also gradually flooding, Tencent Doki, iqiyi bubble, Baidu Tieba, Sogou popularity and so on need to be maintained.

They have a "sweet" of one-key XX features, such as one-to-one, one-to-one, one-to-one, and so on. If you want to turn on these high-level features, you'll keep the money, charge, and charge.

What is the significance of 2 rounds?

After the closure of the star aid App, Weibo can be described as a howl, after all, which star sister has not used the star aid? They complain like this:

"I love my 5000 trumpets, and they're all gone."

``Why should I charge an unlimited number card and I'll pay back my money! ``.

"I'm so humble that I'm going back to the hard days of manual work. There's no way to live."

"I can't be round, my star is not happy, I hang with the Star Aid App."

What is the meaning of Lubo? A big meal told me: "This is the rules of the game. It is not necessarily useful, but it is not necessarily a turn."

From Luhan to Cai Xukun, the exaggerated data on the social media of these popular idol stars are basically fans who spare no effort to “brush” out to achieve the purpose of promoting the commercial value of idols. Fans express their love for their idols in this way. In the age of social media, this fan’s crazy and emotional love for idols has been digitized into numbers, such as forwarding volume, comment volume, and praise...

Even, it will prove the degree of true love by comparing the amount of money raised. For example, when a fan of Cai Xukun mentioned "100 million forwarding," he stressed more that "it was a gift we gave him."

Only in the game of the game, the fans had to go to the wheel more violent.

Under the relevant microblogging of the Star Aid App, Cai Xukun overscores the big fan @IKUN Summer Comments: "Support data dehydration, our love is not a cold number."

For fans, the data on the platform is important and seems to be less important. A male group fan said, "If there are not so many lists, do you think we want to do data?"

3 how difficult is it to dehydrate the data of the platform?

As a gathering place for many stars, Weibo has become a show for fans battle. Weibo has been criticized because it has been unable to effectively manage the Internet water army, brush data and other issues.

In February, Weibo will forward, and the comment count will be capped to 1 million. Weibo hot search, star power list and hot topic list and other products also follow the rule that repeated behavior can not be counted.

According to the official introduction, Weibo also carried out the algorithm upgrade, set up the big data recognition based brush prevention system. Identify and intercept the behavior with cheating characteristics.

But can this solve the problem? I am afraid it is very difficult.

The list of the stars of the micro-blog is on the list of the mainland, the list of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, the new star list, and so on. The fans need to make the list by entering the home page, forwarding the interaction, sending the micro-blog, and sending flowers. (A flower needs 2 yuan to buy)

In addition to spending money on the list, Weibo is also difficult to monitor a large number of robot Weibo accounts because of the involvement of the online real name system. As Weibo's single account retweets the same message over and over again, many fans will also go through a long storage period, waiting for the secondary account to reach a certain level.

The public number "Technology Ramie" once mentioned: "The brushing company is a gray area that is born out of the competition of interests." At present, the various "brush data" services on the market are very good, and the brushing of different platforms is also clearly marked. Drinking, buying, brushing, and forwarding, there seems to be no platform for them to brush.

In this regard, there are many platforms to retaliate data fraud.

In August last year, the WeChat public platform background "statistics" page update announcement, WeChat official account background article reading data will eliminate the machine and other unnatural reading caused by false data; in September last year, iqiyi announced that the front desk display of the whole station will be turned off, replacing the original broadcast volume with content heat; In May this year, Xiao Hongshu released the Brand partner platform upgrade Note, canceling and unable to become a brand partner again for accounts that have data to cheat.

However, the clich é of data fraud does not mean that it can be solved quickly. It can only be said that as virtue rises one foot vice rises ten, brush always find a new way, this kind of thing is always in the game.

Today, the press commented that "it is undeniable that such a fake game carnival can really help the relevant stars to increase their exposure and even their popularity and enhance their ability to absorb gold. The resulting data fraud industry chain can also bring considerable benefits. Don't forget, such a carnival, such a benefit, it is difficult to conceal the essence of falsehood, and the pursuit of utilitarian purpose, after all, is a bubble."

It's only when the tide is gone, we'll know who's in the "naked swimming".

I'm afraid it's just beginning to crack down on data fraud.

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Cai Xu Kun Weibo Forward 100 million data dehydration how hard

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