150000 people petitioned collectively to keep the Flash gaming site from shutting down


150000 people petitioned collectively to keep the Flash gaming site from shutting down

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It's time to say good-bye.

A while ago, there were rumors that the famous Flash game website Cool Math Games would be shut down.

Cool Mah Games's position in foreign players is a bit similar to that of the country's 4399. The site's main goal is to face the "educational game" of the children, the content of the game is very positive, but the quality is a little too much to do. Many of the well-known hosts have made the irony videos related to this website.

But it's true to say that the website is shut down, and the Internet users are still too close. A vote was launched on the famous``Change.org'' initiative website to petition people to work together to stop the tragedy. In a few days, the 150,000 supporters of the petition were almost enough.

Some media were enthusiastically touched by netizens and called Cool Math Game, to ask them what they thought of the matter. Unexpectedly opposite a face confused: "We live a good life, did not say to close the station ah?"

It turned out that the whole thing was just an oolong that the netizens wished to make trouble. Adobe expects to gradually reduce support for Flash by the end of 2019, and by 2020, Flash will completely withdraw from the historical arena. Some netizens feel that websites like Cool Math Games may not escape the fate of "death" with Flash. They have sent a little emotion and don't know how to become a rumor that "Cool Math Games wants to shut down."

However, after careful consideration, it is now in June 2019, and it is really not a few months since Adobe completely stopped supporting Flash. At the height of Flash, more than 99% of PCs have various forms of Flash players installed. Flash games and animations have also made many people's childhood memories. Its era is over, it is quite sad.


Think carefully, Flash has not been recognized for most of the time. When it comes to Flash, people think of all kinds of casual page games that can't get on the table, the backward media form, the annoying pop-up ads, and the Firefox that keeps crashing. The market success of Flash is more because this media format is more in line with the Internet environment at the time, not because people appreciate Flash.

However, looking back today, Flash's contribution to the Internet is far more than just a multimedia format. Flash has completely changed the face of personal creation, and even redefined independent games and independent animations in the Internet age.

Because anyone can use Flash to create, any techniques and concepts that are unlikely to be used in commercial works can appear on Flash works.

"Bush defend the White House", a famous flash game similar to arcade scene shooting

For example, "The Game", which is known as the "class of cult", is a collection of various Internet stalks in a game, forming a joke not like a joke, the game is not like the singular experience of the game. In the first ten minutes of the beginning of the game, what you did was to manipulate a villain to keep jumping off the cliff, and to endure the ridicule of the game author to you again and again, and the feeling of "Stanley's Fable" And this game appeared five years earlier than Stanley's Fable.

Everyone is equal before death. Is this the earliest Meta Game?

Many classic game ideas may not survive in the big market at the time, but they have left a fire in the Flash game and even gained a new life.

Take the 2D platform jumping game. From the N64 era, Super Mario, the originator of the 2D platform jumping game, took the lead in 3D. Since then, on the mainstream game platform, the 2D platform jumping game has almost disappeared.

But on all kinds of Flash websites, 2D platform jump games have always maintained a high popularity. Flash producers not only perfectly imitated the game experience of that year, but also many unexpected innovations. The abnormal difficulty and refreshing experience of 2008 Flash game "Super Boy" refreshed people's understanding of 2D platform jump games, not only became the classic of independent games, but also logged on to PC and host platforms. It also opened the way for later games such as the Blue.


But to say that Flash's greatest contribution to independent animation and indie games may have found a viable commercialization path that allowed a group of independent creators to survive.

For a long time, individual independent animation or game creation can only be a hobby, or the author stepping into a "real business creation" stepping stone. No one would regard this personal creation as the final form of an art form, or a viable career path. There is a clear distinction between independence and business.

This is mainly because independent creators do not have suitable channels for liquidation and cannot support themselves by their own works. To continue to create, you can only commit to traditional capital platforms such as game publishers, TV stations, and professional investors.

However, relying on convenient networks, Flash games and animations have new business channels. Flash game platforms like MiniClip and Armor Games provide a stable share of game authors.

Youtube's early partner reward program has made the Flash creators who have accumulated a lot of fans and experience a rich income and become the earliest star in the video era.

The famous ASDF Movie (subtitle: Mr. Grass Mud Horse)

Regrettably, all of this has little to do with domestic creators.

In 2009, . The work, because of its unique style, makes the young people feel kind and fresh, and has made great success, and then it has been adapted into a film by the director Guo Fan, who is.

However, the author Li Yang's career future, people, including Li Yang himself, had no clear answer. Yue Minjun, the planning of the Potato Imaging Festival, thinks that if Li Yang is transformed to create commercial works, it is likely to lose his style and creativity. Zhang Xiaobei, who wrote the script for the film versionwrote the script, thinks that an independent creator like Li Yang needs to go through a difficult threshold for business, ``In addition to trying to survive and sometimes see luck. ``Li Yang himself, also half the joke said, ``do not eat the animation'' .

It is not a strict "Flash animation", but Li Yang's dilemma is a microcosm of all independent authors, including the author of Flash. Many people, while able to make great works, can't support their lives, and it's an unknown.

It's a "small series" that's making a stir in the world.

The meager awareness of online copyright in the country has made the situation of independent creators more difficult. The proliferation of low-quality content and the piracy of piracy are very serious. In the context of bad money driving out good money, Flash's domestic prosperity looks more like a bubble.


In the eyes of fans, Flash games are more innovative and allow people to experience the pure happiness of the game itself than the same mainstream masterpieces. Although Flash creators have not received mainstream attention for a long time, they have accumulated enough popularity in the small circle and established an initial good reputation for independent games.

With the rise of the mobile Internet and the emergence of digital distribution channels such as Steam, the outbreak of "Boys of Meat" and similar games is just a matter of course.

As an animation tool for the Internet, Flash is so convenient and powerful that one can quickly complete the whole process from creation, programming to release. In contrast, Flash's performance restrictions are also more, many Flash works show a very similar, very "Flash" picture feeling. This makes Flash's artistry has been criticized by some traditional animators and game artists.

But the audience and players of Flash work don't care much. Flash grew up with them, and many people are used to it, which looks almost simple. The change of aesthetic concept of the audience further liberates the freedom of independent creators.

For stand-alone game authors, they don't need to compete with the "Mysterious Sea" as long as their work is sufficiently solid and fun to be the same in the player's heart.

has a very obvious Flash style.

For animators, they are also able to create more flexibly. YouTube's initial split pattern was to calculate money according to the click rate, and each picture and twist was relatively popular with carefully made short animations. And when the Youtube transformation into according to the length of viewing, the animation author gradually transformed, produced a relatively simple picture of the story animation, still live very well.

(Source: Jaiden Animation)

Many people once felt that animation could not compete in front of live-action videos. But in some cases, animation is more convenient, cordial, and more helpful for content creators to show their intentions. Many video authors use animated characters to increase the expressiveness of their work.

(Source: Codebullet)

Not everyone likes the changes that Flash has brought to the Internet, and not everyone is aware that Flash has changed the Internet. But none of this matters. It's hard to imagine what it would be like without Flash, 's independent games and independent animations today.

Bill Wurtz's "World History" is full of personal expression and the aesthetic taste of Flash style.

Flash opens up a path for independent animation and independent game producers to have a new choice when it comes to personal creativity and commercialization.

Maybe Flash will die, and those Flash-era sites will eventually die, but the legacy of Flash to the world will never disappear.

This article from the public numbers: Game Research Society (ID: yysaag), Author: Kong

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150 000 collective petition flash games website shut down

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