2019 CCF- Tencent rhinoceros fund released


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On May 15, 2019, the CCF-Tencent Rhinoceros Fund (hereinafter referred to as the Rhinoceros Bird Fund) project was released as scheduled. Twenty-nine research projects in nine key technology areas will be open to young global scholars for a one-month reporting period.

This year, while continuing to pay attention to artificial intelligence technology, the Rhino Bird Fund has further expanded the special research fields of the fund's projects, and added the direction of industry-university-research cooperation, such as car networking, robots, intelligent chips, program analysis, and so on. We will continue to set up WeBank's technical project and add an open research topic with the theme of wisdom education. In the field of AI, this year's Rhino Fund introduces Tencent ML-Images, large-scale high-quality Chinese word vector data sets, PocketFlow model compression and acceleration framework and other high-quality data sets and framework model research resources, and provides "creative funds". Technical Standardization Research is an important supplement to Rhino Research Foundation. At the same time, the fund set up the Rhino Bird visiting Scholar Program to strengthen the in-depth cooperation between young scholars and enterprise R & D teams in the field of cutting-edge science and technology.

Up to now, the Rhinoceros Fund has received a total of 934 young scholars from 176 universities and research institutes around the world, and has funded 115 research fund projects and 93 creative fund projects. Through deep cooperation with Tencent's business team, fund winners have published more than 600 high-level academic papers and applied for more than 200 domestic and foreign patents, fully demonstrating the forward-looking, cross-disciplinary integration and innovative research of young scholars' research horizons. Leading. In addition, through the combination of practical problems in the industrial application research and development scene, young scholars have the opportunity to realize the transformation of research results in the process of cooperation with enterprises, so as to achieve an effective connection between academic research and industrial application.

While continuously supporting young scholars to carry out cutting-edge technology exploration, Tencent has also released special funds such as AI Lab and social advertising, to promote the full practice of technology in business scenarios, and to achieve the transformation and deep application of scientific research results. In recent years, in order to further develop the advantages of talents and platforms, Tencent and the Chinese Computer Society and other academic institutions, universities, and research institutes have carried out pragmatic and effective school-enterprise cooperation with Tsinghua University, Peking University, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Harbin Institute of Technology, and Chinese Academy of Sciences. A joint laboratory established by universities and research institutes such as the Institute of Computing. Among them, Tsinghua University and Tencent's joint project "large-scale streetscape system and its key technology for location services" won the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award in 2018. In the future, Tencent will continue to work with academic partners to continuously strengthen the depth of school-enterprise cooperation and promote the sustainable development of school-enterprise research cooperation.

The CCF- Tencent Rhino Fund, co-sponsored by Tencent and China computer Society (CCF) in 2013, is dedicated to building a platform for industry-university-research cooperation and academic exchanges for young scholars at home and abroad. The Rhino Bird Fund provides the most innovative young scholars in the world with the opportunity to understand the real problems of the industry, to reach out to the actual needs of the business, and to connect young scholars with the industry-university scientific research cooperation of the enterprise R & D team. Promote the promotion of academic influence and the landing of application results, and reserve energy for the exploration and innovation of independent research and development of science and technology.

Welcome the majority of young scholars to pay attention to and declare this year's Rhino Fund, the deadline for declaration is 24 / 00 on June 15, 2019. The specific declaration process and management measures can be found on the fund declaration website at https://withzz.com/project/detail/12.

2019 CCF Tencent rhinoceros fund released

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