"Top Ten Financial Technology Listed Companies" Awards Revealed Tiger Securities into the Only Award Winner


Recently, the zero-one financial-new financial spring summit was successfully held. The conference has announced the "Top Ten Financial Science and Technology Listed Companies" of this heavy-pound award, and Tiger Brokers, a well-known Hong Kong-and-Hong Kong-based brokerage, has become the only one-winning broker-based enterprise with the leading technology advantage and innovation ability, and is also included in the award and is also the company's online,360-financial enterprise.

Objectively speaking, this selection is also the first time in the industry for the financial technology listed company group selection, so it has aroused widespread concern in the industry.

In the end, Zero Zhi think tank passed the comprehensive score of a number of indicators, and 10 companies including Tiger Securities were awarded the honor of the first Zero Financial and Ten Financial Technology Listed Company.

The award of Tiger Securities this time is deserved. For financial technology companies, innovation is the eternal theme. Only by persisting in innovation can we be invincible. Since its inception, Tiger Securities has been committed to bringing change in the securities arena through technology and service innovation.

Tiger Securities creates a precedent for ordinary investors to participate in the US stock market

Tiger Securities, founded in 2014, aims to improve everyone's investment efficiency through financial technology, targeting fast-growing Chinese Internet brokers, according to public information. The company mainly provides stockbrokers and value-added services in major markets such as US stocks, Hong Kong stocks and A shares (Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect / Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect) to ordinary investors and institutional investors.

In August 2015, Tiger Securities launched Tiger Trade, a self-developed trading platform, which greatly improved the experience of Chinese investors in opening accounts, quotes, transactions and information in the US and Hong Kong stock markets.

In terms of U.S. stock trading volume, Tiger Securities is the largest Internet brokerage focused on serving Chinese investors around the world, with a share of about 58.4 percent in the segment in 2017.

In 2019, the US IPO continued to open the super cycle. Following lyft, Zoom, and Pinterest, a number of unicorn companies such as Uber, WeWork, and Ruixing Coffee will also land in US stocks. Under the strong money-making effect, the US stock market has attracted much attention.

However, the past US IPO placements are generally only for institutional investors, friends and relatives and a small number of high-end net worth customers. Therefore, in the past, ordinary retail investors were almost unable to participate in the US stock market to play new.

In this regard, Tiger Securities has created a precedent for ordinary investors to participate in the US stock market. Since Sogou’s listing in the US, Tiger Securities has been involved in the distribution of new shares, and has successively offered exclusive purchases of a number of Chinese stocks such as iQiYi, Huya, Pinduo, 哔哩哔哩, 360 Finance and Tencent Music to ordinary investors. Service, and can be "one-click subscription" on Tiger Trade, the first to break the monopoly of institutions and high-net-worth individuals on the US stock subscription.

Tiger Securities creates a one-stop ESOP management platform

In addition, on the issuer side, with the implementation of equity incentive plans by a large number of new economic enterprises in recent years, ESOP (employee shareholding plan) management needs have emerged.

However, the traditional ESOP management service providers in the market have long been costly, inefficient, and aging, and it is difficult to develop customized functions and lack of APP products, which is difficult to meet the core needs of the current new economic enterprises and their employees.

The Tiger ESOP management system independently developed by Tiger Securities has innovated for the pains of traditional service providers. Currently, it can support the management of various incentive plans such as option exercise, RSU (restricted stock), employee stock ownership trust, and employee stock purchase plan. Covers functions such as stock trading, data management, accounting and financial reporting.

According to the person in charge of tiger securities, ESOP is not a simple commercial, legal or tax problem. Tiger's advantages are that it has the most advanced ESOP management platform in the world, and the other is that it can provide comprehensive solutions. From scratch to assist enterprises to achieve equity incentive plan step by step. One-stop ESOP management service has been carried out for more than a year, and dozens of new economic enterprise customers have been accumulated, enterprises and users have a good response.

In addition to strong system support, Tiger Securities specializes in localized customer service for ESOP management services to achieve efficient response to enterprise needs. Tiger Securities related responsible person said that the ESOP service team has a lot of experience, and has deeply cooperated with a number of law firms, trust institutions, commercial banks, etc., can provide foreign exchange registration and share transfer registration for enterprises. VIE architecture and other types of value-added services to protect the interests of enterprises and employees.

Top ten finance science and technology listed companies awards disclosure tiger securities Cheng only award-winning securities securities.

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