The fastest September! New Macbook Air is coming: narrow border + high score Retina screen

Apple's new laptop is about to be released.

Mac updates may be apple's most esoteric product line, but there is already plenty of evidence that the new macbook air will be replaced by the end of the year, and Bloomberg has now given evidence.

According to reports, the new generation of Macbook Air will have the characteristics of a narrow bezel and a high-resolution Retina screen.

Frankly speaking, the current MBA is quite embarrassing, first 11-inch is cut, and 13-inch stays on the old Broadwell processor platform (5th generation Core), and even the only notebook that does not match the R screen.

Of course, this is also related to Apple's energy transfer to the Macbook Pro over the years, and there is also an intermediate product of the 12-inch MacBook.

Whether it's sales or positioning, the price of the new Macbook Air is not particularly exaggerated.

In addition, Bloomberg also mentioned that the Mac Mini is also planning to update, involving processors, storage configuration, etc., but the price will be higher, because Apple is targeting the loyal customers for professional use.

Not surprisingly, Apple will host its fall launch next month, and the new iPhone/iPad/Apple Watch will be launched in batches. It is a tricky idea to roll out the MBP and the Mac Mini simultaneously, but it does not rule out the possibility that Apple will postpone the release of the latter to a separate online launch in October.

The fastest Macbook Air is coming in September: the Mac Mini is also on the road.

Fastest September Macbook Air coming narrow Border High score Retina screen

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