How does the next blue sea "silver hair variety" gnaw off the entertainment demands of 430 million people?

"Can't forget the restaurant"

"Can't forget the restaurant"

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"Extreme Challenge" has already completed the first phase of the broadcast, fans are still sorry for the "chicken" brothers who can't make it, Huang Wei with a new variety of "I can't forget the restaurant" quietly. Up to now, three issues have been broadcast, and the Douban score of 9.4 has set a new high in the recent reality show variety.

According to public information, the program is the first public welfare variety art to pay attention to the elderly with cognitive impairment in China. The program's creative team hopes to make more people have a basic understanding of cognitive impairment at the same time. It is also hoped that people can pay more attention to the elderly group and the emotional communication between generations.

In fact, in recent years, the reality show variety of silver-haired people (aged over 50 years old) has been increasing year by year.

Part of the silver-haired crowd participated in the reality show in 2014-2019

As can be seen from the table, these various arts focus on their living conditions, intergenerational relationships, or show their attitudes towards life in the form of participation of the elderly, with the elderly as the main group.

From the current variety environment, "children" variety and idol cultivation variety are facing policy control, while emotional observation variety enter homogeneous competition, "circle layer" class art has become more and more difficult to get out of the circle, then silver hair variety, Will it be the next popular style to pick up sticks and observe variety in such an environment?

Silver hair market spurt, silver hair variety from the international into the domestic

Silver market mobile Internet time increment more than Z era. According to QuestMobile data, by the end of 2017, China's population over the age of 50 accounted for 31% of the total population, reaching 430 million. By 2018, this group had spent 118 hours per person per month on the mobile Internet, an increase of 20.7 percent compared with 2017. According to its 2018 semi-annual report on the Mobile Internet, silver-haired people have also outpaced Z-era users in the total length of time on the mobile Internet. With the deepening of aging in China, silver-haired people have a huge growth dividend in the size of users and the length of time spent on the mobile Internet.

Source: QuestMobile 2019.3.5

In the whole variety environment, silver hair variety has natural cultural value and public welfare attribute. Since the Circular issued by the State Administration of Radio and Television in November last year on further strengthening the management of radio and television and network audio-visual literary and artistic programs (hereinafter referred to as the notice), It is stipulated that radio, television and network audio-visual literary and artistic programs should vigorously carry forward the core values of socialism, disseminate positive energy, resolutely curb the tendency of pan-entertainment, and cultivate programs like idols. The variety entertainment and Reality Show programs in which the children of film and television stars participate are strictly controlled. At the same time, actively advocate film and television stars to participate in public welfare programs.

Affected by the notice, the completed recording of "where does Dad go 6" and "do something about it!" Dad has not had the chance to meet the audience so far. After the change of name, "Youth has you" can not inherit the high heat and high attention accumulated by "Idol practitioner". Compared with the "even practice" large-scale bully screen Weibo search, it has created "central position", "balance", "pick" and other marketing hot words. The propaganda of Youth has you is particularly low-key. And the repeated broadcast of the program, to a certain extent, affected the attention of the audience. In contrast, the introduction of variety arts such as "daughters' boyfriends", "my boy", "my daughter" and so on, although the perspective of parents' observation is only used as a secondary line, but also promotes the emotional communication between generations.

US version of "Grandfather"

On the other hand, according to the media, the 2019 David and four video platforms released on the basis of the media 360 show, the annual broadcast and pending variety shows a total of 229 files, only 11 of the variety of silver-haired people, accounting for the overall proportion 5% of them are concentrated in intergenerational communication and cultural heritage.

In the other categories of variety shows, there are as many as 15 categories for emotional observation. The domestic silver hair variety market has huge room for development.

The "making a game" and "breaking the bureau" of the silver hair variety

In fact, in the face of the huge incremental variety market, the domestic platform has not failed to try. However, in addition to the "warm and leisurely" sunset red "," health hall "and similar" gold mediation "social programs that focus on the health of the elderly, The rest of the variety is faced with a season without the embarrassment of the following. The main reasons are as follows.

The old-fashioned variety can't guarantee the basis of viewing, and the topic rhythm can't keep the core audience. The variety show composed by celebrity entertainers will guarantee the initial ratings of the show because of its own star traffic, but the old variety show often does not have this kind of viewing advantage. The program's intention and narrative approach are also less attractive to younger audiences and older groups, and neither side can please.

This is also evident from the latest new show, "Can't Forget the Restaurant." According to Yi En data, in the audience distribution of “I can't forget the restaurant”, the 20-29 years old can be said to be the audience of the variety of the show, accounting for only 14% of the total number of viewers watching the show, and the elderly viewers of the show, ie 50 years old. The above audiences only accounted for 6% of the total number.

Nowadays, most of the "silver-haired old people" were born in the 1960s. They are not the "aborigines" of the Internet, or even the "aborigines" of television. They are used to the narrative style of "news style". Through reading to obtain relevant information, the form of entertainment is still in the acceptance stage.

For example, the voice-over, flower, special effects and other forms of display that help enhance the program's effects are dazzling in the late stage, and they cannot be quickly caught in the rhythm and immersed in it. As a young person, from the social platform, a large number of comments on the evaluation of the old-age variety show, most people will also have insufficient dialogue, the effect of conflict is not enough, and they will deviate from their own lives and cannot produce empathy.

Source: QuestMobile 2019.03.05

Based on the public welfare and cultural old-age programs, the content lacks extensibility and relies on the word-of-mouth effect, showing the “orphan season” in which the season is hurried. The over-rendering of public welfare culture content often leads the variety show to the direction of teaching, and violates the variety show to the audience to bring the essence of joy. The simple combination also makes the public interest content have the question of "form is greater than content".

At present, the market's public interest content for the elderly is too single, limited to intergenerational intergenerational, intergenerational contradictions, care for the elderly, etc., resulting in the loss of appeal to the audience after the early season. In addition, the type of care for the elderly is based on the word-of-mouth effect. It does not focus on the marketing topic “buried” in the program. This also leads to the old-fashioned variety that is at a disadvantage. Out of the circle."

But at the same time, we also saw the producers of the show constantly exploring and experimenting in the silver hair variety market. First of all, in the program mode setting, the star artist is taken as the main line, the whole program content is put on, and the flow small flower florets are appropriately added as a supporting role to ensure that the broadcast presentation surrounds the core. In "Unforgettable Restaurant", Huang Wei is the manager. Through his interaction with the old people and the guidance of the detailed movements, he not only helps the five old people to better express themselves, but also helps the audience to interpret the old people through the observation of the third perspective. The behavioral actions trigger the emotional resonance of the audience.

Secondly, the program is also trying to show the elderly through the camera more rich three-dimensional lovely "people", through the creation of topics and focus, guide the public discussion and attention. Just online "my boy 2", Qian Feng mother cute, but also actively give Qian Feng marriage attitude, harvest a group of fans. "can not forget the restaurant" is also the same. In the first phase, each guest will be given an intuitive orientation by address, such as the "princess" grandmother of the girl's heart, and the "Xiaomin" grandfather of the Flying House Ring Journey.

Can't forget the restaurant" clerk Li Junhu

In addition, silver hair variety also has a very important "topic making machine", that is, the collision of life views under intergenerational relations, whether it is marriage and love, fertility, education, life habits, and so on. The collision of different views between two generations has also become a common way to make topics. For example, in my family boy 2, Yu Xiaotong's mother hoped that Yu Xiaotong would get married after the age of 35, which once aroused public discussion. At the same time, the debate between the mother group, different guests have different views on marriage and children, and the "resentance" with the host also increases the visibility of the program.

The arrival of silver hair economy is gradually changing the social consumption structure. Brands will also pay more attention to the influence of their brands in silver-haired people. For example, in the variety restaurant, the brand party will accurately match the sponsorship on daily necessities, pet dog food, household appliances and insurance wealth management products according to the actual needs of the elderly.

At the same time, with more and more science and technology and Internet products, they are also beginning to enter the middle-aged and elderly market, and there is an urgent need to pass on the function of the products through the way of scene display. In the long run, film and television variety for the elderly. It is also bound to become the first choice of this kind of brand marketing.

Therefore, on the one hand, the demand for “old” programs is bound to increase from the audience to the commercial value. On the other hand, the brand also needs to explore a set of entertainment that meets the silver-haired population. The marketing idea is to decode the behavioral language and living habits of the silver-haired people, so that the products can reach the target group through the program.

In the aging Chinese society, silver hair variety will eventually usher in a strong momentum of development. At just the end of several TV recruitment sessions, Zhejiang Satellite TV played "it's good to meet you." Oriental Satellite TV's dating program for the elderly is also planned to launch, and Silver hair variety will move towards the next "Blue Sea."

What is foreseeable in the future is that in the existing program format, there will be more program content that is dominated by the prime minister, and even more rich program modes, and the “personal design” of the elderly group will be more abundant. At the same time, with the rise of short videos, in the future, a group of short-video original content with silver-haired people will be born to feed back the mainstream media.

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