Dajiang began to rob GoPro of his job.


In many people's eyes, Dajiang is a drone company, but in fact, Dajiang is a video company. UAV is just a very important business branch, and it has gained almost all of the world's drone market share. After that, the consumer-grade business in DJI gradually turned to video equipment. Of course, to some extent, such business transformation and consumption policy restrictions on consumer drones are related to market space.

GoPro, the absolute hegemony of the sports camera market, the founder of the market after a trip in 2002 found that the cameras on the market were really bad for some special scenes, so the GoPro was invented and the camera was used for the next ten years. As long as the motion camera is mentioned, it can be said that only two, one is GoPro, one called "Other". But the company has also experienced a big fall, on the one hand, because of the fact that the user of the sports camera is really small, and on the other hand, GoPro's money-making strategy is a mistake, leading to the fact that GoPro's current market value is only about a quarter of the beginning of the market.

In the Hero 5 era, the biggest advantage of GoPro's release of a drone, the Karma, was the ability to connect GoPro directly to drones, but later market feedback also showed that the two companies had not had a complete intersection of business before, and in the era of UAV 5, the biggest advantage of GoPro's release of a drone was that it could connect the UAV directly to the UAV. This is a failed product, and GoPro quickly abandoned the plan.

This time, Dajiang set foot on its own business into the field of GoPro sports cameras, and released the sports camera DJI Osmo Action..

In the video, we compared the shooting quality of Osmo Action and GoPro Hero 7 in detail. In the article, we still talk about the significance of the sports camera in Dajiang and the most practical purchase suggestions for ordinary consumers.

Note: because our draft is before the final price is announced in Dajiang, the purchase proposal in this article is limited to the comparison of product power and does not refer to the final performance-to-price ratio.

First of all, Dajiang this sports camera is definitely the best domestic sports camera product on the market. In the previous domestic sports camera, there is a common name "Mountain Dog", which means the cottage GoPro, but released in DJI Osmo Action. After that, this product is definitely out of the mountain dog name, because this product has a lot of product details, it is better than GoPro Hero 7 Black.

The first is control and interaction. The control and internal interaction of the DJI movement camera is better than GoPro. The system is smooth and easy to operate. It can be used smoothly by both small white users and professional users. And most importantly, DJI Osmo Action is more stable than GoPro products during recording and use. If you have used GoPro's generation of products, you will know that the crash is the biggest weakness of GoPro products.

In addition, the electronic anti-shaking ability of, DJI Osmo Action is similar to that of GoPro 7 in the very important anti-shaking ability of motion camera. If your shooting skills are reliable, in fact, the electronic anti-shaking ability of motion camera is absolutely enough. Most of the shooting scenes do not need Osmo Pocket-like electronic and mechanical shaking prevention.

However, in terms of image quality, Osmo Action's straight-out color style is not the same as GoPro, and the tolerance is slightly worse. However, compared with some cottage GoPro products in China, DJI is doing quite well this time, if it is small. White users, with Osmo Action, have been able to shoot quite a straight out material.

Finally, if you don't figure out what to shoot, don't rush to buy a sports camera, whether it's Dajiang or GoPro..

The motion camera sensor is low and the lens is wide angle, which means that the existence of the limit camera is to record some extreme scenes and actions as completely as possible. The official video samples of sports camera manufacturers are all kinds of cool extreme sports, and if you buy them and don't figure out what you want to shoot, you'll regret it later.

In addition, the concept of Vlog is relatively popular recently, many people will want to buy a device to shoot Vlog, motion camera is very light, but it is really not suitable for Vlog camera, even if the new product in Dajiang has a screen on the front. Because the lens is a wide angle, even after in-machine correction, there will be some obvious distortion, in addition, the external microphone needs a specific transfer line, which is also more troublesome. You can use a sports camera as an auxiliary tool for adding to your Vlog, but it's not good to just take a sports camera to shoot Vlog,.

If you have any problems with the new product in Dajiang, or if you have any problems with the category of sports cameras, you are welcome to raise them in the comment section. I will reply one by one.

Video editor: GE Jiashu

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