Betting AI photography! MediaTek Helio P90 wins first place in Zurich AI

[TechWeb] "How powerful is the Helio P90's AI-specific APU? From the data of the running points, you can get the answer. At present, the Helio P90 is the first in the Zurich AI running. The Zurich AI running points are more representative in the industry. Sexual running points are a very balanced program that allows you to feel the performance on your mobile phone. This running score is very meaningful." Li Junnan, director of marketing department of MediaTek Wireless Communications Division, said at the media communication meeting.

In December last year, MediaTek officially released the Helio P90 system single chip, equipped with the new super AI engine APU 2.0, and the processing speed of AI was greatly improved. Today, there is a terminal equipped with this product. In this context, MediaTek held a communication meeting in Beijing on the afternoon of May 14th, focusing on the outstanding performance of Helio P90 in AI photography.

Helio P90 integrates AI Advanced Architecture to bring New AI experience

In fact, when defining mobile phone platform, camera has always been regarded as the most important application on mobile phone. In the past two years, with the popularity of AI technology, more and more end products have developed image algorithm. Committed to creating a perfect photo experience for users.

Lianfa Technology has discovered this trend, deeply excavated the photo performance of Helio P90, and developed the industry-leading AI photo chip.

According to the AI Benchmark running standard developed by (ETHZ) of the Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, the AI score of the Helio P90 was 19496 points, ranking first, surpassing Qualcomm and Huawei 980 in the same period.

With such a proud achievement, the APU's plus, the Helio P90 integrated the powerful AI-specific APU2.0, and the AI is as high as 1165 GMACs:4-fold higher than the performance of the Helio P70 and P60.

APU+ISP true AI camera makes it possible to surpass SLR

With strong AI ability blessing, MediaTek has put forward the bold idea of ​​“beyond SLR”. Mr. Chen Yingrui, deputy director of the development department of MediaTek Multimedia R&D Department, pointed out that the biggest difference between mobile phone cameras and traditional SLRs is that the difference in size and size leads to the difference in photosensitive components, and this difference causes the price-performance ratio in the photoelectric conversion process to be different. The camera's photo effect will produce more image noise.

To this end, MediaTek has developed its own Imagiq image algorithm, which has reached the fourth generation, from the earliest hand-built, to the process of introducing CV technology / face detection / binocular depth calculation, all the way to the Helio P90 based on the APU The further breakthroughs made make the quality of the photos continue to improve.

In the view of JD, image processing should be carried out from three aspects: multi-frame noise reduction, contrast enhancement and dynamic range ability improvement.

As you can see, Helio P 90 is doing well in image processing, and the details of the photos are very high.

In addition to the improvement of image quality, Helio P90 also has a good combination of ISP hardware, APU ISP, which also makes it possible for mobile terminal to surpass SLR.

Chen Yingrui said that, AI Camera is that APU and ISP, benefit from strong computing power and perfect image processing technology. Helio P90 can improve the quality of photo pictures in three aspects, namely, AI detection. Low resolution binocular distribution map and full resolution picture processing.

In terms of AI detection, the Helio P90 is able to achieve extremely accurate AI face detection, which is very accurate even in extremely harsh and strong backlight environments. The speed is superior to other products. In addition, the Helio P90 can also be realized. AI Region of Interest (ROI) video coding, using resources at a limited bit rate and bandwidth to achieve the best user experience.

In terms of low resolution, Chen Yingrui said that the more accurate the depth calculation is, the better the virtual effect is done and the closer it is to the actual SLR effect by simulating the prospect and virtual effect of the traditional SLR by double cameras.

In terms of full resolution, Helio P90 has a bright night beat function. In the same environment, the official sample effect is better than that of competitors, and it also has a certain degree of advantages over iPhone XS Max.

Chen Yingrui said that the full resolution processing is the most complex, and it is the application requirement that most needs our AI core APU computing power and ISP perfect combination. We found that we can achieve very good results in the free night shooting. The real world experience is very close to the naked eye.

According to TechWeb, there will soon be a terminal product with the Helio P90 on the market.

Betting AI photography MediaTek Helio P90 won Zurich AI running points first place

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