Tencent video release interactive video technology standard Aiqiyi, B station, etc. have been laid out


[TechWeb] July 11th news, according to Tencent video interactive film official WeChat public number news, recently, Tencent video officially released interactive video technology standards, and will launch a one-stop interactive video open platform.

It is reported that the interactive video standard provides a series of guidelines from interactive video concept to creative process and interactive video platform usage process, enabling creators and developers to realize one-stop interactive content production, creation, release and interactive video platform. Data monitoring.

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On July 8 th, Beili announced the launch of the "interactive video" feature, a form of video in which viewers actively participate in the direction of the plot through option interaction. At present, the feature is part of the testing phase and is only open to UP owners with more than 10, 000 followers.

Earlier on May 9, iQIyi released an interactive video standard and plans to launch an interactive video platform for interactive video-assisted production tools. Gong Yu, founder and CEO of Aiqiyi, said at the time that users would always want to consume video content more immersively and more interestingly. “Interaction” is an inevitable trend in the development of the content industry.

Since then, iqiyi released his smile, the first domestic interactive film and television work based on interactive video standards.

At present, the more famous interactive videos on the market are NETFLIX's Black Mirror: Pandaneski, or interactive games such as the Invisible Guardian, Detroit: changing people and so on. (Zhou Xiaobai)

Tencent video release interactive video standard iQiyi station have layout

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