Alipay WeChat Pay is popular: more than 350% of the time has been refused cash.

The popularity of mobile payment methods such as Alipay, WeChat payment, and cloud flash payment has greatly facilitated our daily life. Many young people have gone out to like to go without cash, and a mobile phone has gone global.

But it is undeniable that cash is still the most mainstream payment method among the older consumers. Some surveys have found that many people have experienced the embarrassment of being rejected.

According to the Beijing Youth Daily, a few days ago, Rong360 released a questionnaire on offline consumption and payment methods. The survey showed that 11.36% of the population had ever experienced rejection of cash, broken down by different age groups. More than 30% of post-50s experienced rejection, the highest percentage of all ages.

The survey also showed that when consumers were rejected for cash, the situation was as high as 51.85% because the merchant could not find the change. In addition, the other party clearly stated that it only supports electronic payment, accounting for 43.21%. Followed by the rejection of the banknotes and the lack of corners.

For the older 50s, one of the main reasons for not using mobile payment is 16.67% because it does not use or install software. At the same time, there are 11.54% of the population because the business has not been opened or not supported. According to geographical perspective, the proportion of people living in rural areas is the highest.

Another 25.64% of people don't use mobile payments because they feel insecure and fear money will be stolen, which is the biggest concern for post-50s seniors.

From a different age perspective, the younger people will have less cash to go out. In the post-90s, only 11.11% of people will bring cash when they go out, far below the proportion of nearly 60% after 50.

According to the report, consumers naturally have the right to choose electronic payment, but this is not the reason why merchants can refuse to pay in cash. Rejecting RMB cash damages the legal status of the national currency and damages the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. In the long run, it will also jeopardize financial security.

Alipay WeChat Pay popular super 30% 50 has been rejected cash

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