"My sister told me to add you" WeChat friends, in fact, is a lame man to sell money


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"Really added, somehow added a bunch of friends you don't know."

In the past few months, Mr. Wu, who runs a fast food restaurant in Shenzhen, suddenly found that during the busiest meal delivery time, he and his lover's WeChat always received many applications to add friends. Oddly enough, the application content is almost always related to fast food delivery. If the take-away is not delivered yet, the soup is sprinkled, and there are insects in the dish...

"These are all related to the business. It is more about the rating on the delivery platform. I didn't think about it." Mr. Wu said that in order to demonstrate a good service attitude, he will definitely pass a similar application and ask the other party. What happened.

However, if you are a little polite, you will reply, "it's all right, it's all right." Others silent is very irritating, some "friends" no longer squeak anyway, some asked for a long time finally replied: are busy. Then, there is no then.

Evil spirits and devils who maliciously add friends

I believe many people will subconsciously click on the WeChat "New friend" column, and then all kinds of "requests to add friends will appear in front of you.

They're couriers? A friend asked for something to ask for? Distant relatives who have been lost for many years?

Perhaps, most people will not apply through these inexplicable friends, but "do not know, the world is wonderful", someone will inadvertently add these "mysterious friends", and then no matter what they ask each other, either prevaricate or not say a word. In particular, the content of the recent application for friends also shows the trend of customization of "thousands of people and thousands of faces". They can call names and professional characteristics, but after adding them, they are silent.

It is no wonder that Mr. Wu, who is doing fast food business, not only does not dare to "not add friends", but even deletes it after adding it. "You see this meal, there are hundreds of orders in the store, there is really no way to verify the authenticity of Jiayou." He told me to understand the notes, sometimes a lot of WeChat friends came down in a month. I don't know who is who, and I don't even dare to pull black and delete.

At present, he and his lover's WeChat are already 5,000 yuan full. However, there are still a lot of friends who apply for it every day, and all of them are displayed by adding a friend by searching for a mobile phone number. "I think it is a way to find a takeaway platform, and see the reserved store number." People are a little bit broken."

Another reader, Zhang Mei (a pseudonym) who lives in Luohu, Shenzhen, has similar experiences with Mr. Wu. She told me to understand the notes. Since March, her WeChat has started to apply for a large number of friends, sometimes 6-7 per day.

What impressed me the most was that there was a “community grid clerk” who added the application system and asked for verification of identity. She just received a community grid clerk to check the tenant and household identity information, so I didn’t think about it. Passed a friend application.

To Zhang Mei's surprise, she spoke to each other several times after adding it, and there was no reply. "it took me a few days to add another friend who claimed to be a gridder, and it was only then that I began to realize there was something wrong with it." She said that after communicating with neighbors around her, she found that there have been a lot of similar applications recently, in addition to the common "grid workers," some of them call themselves community properties, and friends of gas staff have applied.

Several neighbors reported that some of the friends applied for in the name of acquaintances, relatives, friends, even their full name can be called out, "the most bluffing person is this kind of XX let me add you, something to find you." Many people speculate that the property leaked the privacy information of the residents. " Zhang Mei is afraid of this.

Customers, grid members, property, gas, relatives, friends... After the "courier" operation, various application information that is easy to win is being used as a friend application. So, will these "friends" who don't say a word at all from the beginning be a cyber liar?

The "full powder" secret of the nourishing institution

"now there are very few stock groups, fund groups, [users] have learned."

An industry insider who did not want to be named (who used to buy and sell WeChat accounts) revealed that many strangers on WeChat had asked for friends by courier, friends and relatives, and often pulled users into some micro-businesses afterwards. Groups, futures groups and even gambling groups sing "double-spring" to implement fraud.

However, as some media exposed the scams of these scams, many users are aware of the means of fraud, no matter what reason to add friends, as long as the other party initiates an invitation, or recommend stocks, micro-business products will be the same Delete, pull black.

"most of the people who are still adding friends with a variety of names are WeChat businessmen or professional institutions." He told knowledgeable notes, because of the past experience of adding friends and pulling stocks, most of the account adoption agencies are well aware that once they apply by friends, once they speak and communicate, they will reveal their feet and be blocked and deleted by users. So after the user passes the application, they often perfunctory with the phrase "busy, contact later". From then on, silence is golden.

After all, few users always remember to add so-and-so friends and then further confirm their true identity. "that's how most strangers precipitate on some users' WeChat lists."

When these micro-signals are filled with five thousand friends, the body's body will sell it, and that's more valuable. According to the industry, because the numbers are added to real users, a number can usually be a few hundred and even thousands of dollars.

When asked, who needs to buy these accounts, he admits that almost all of them are micro-businesses, insurance institutions and housing agencies. They buy accounts for selling products. In addition to these "what friends" have accounts, there are some accounts that will filter to add specific groups (such as young women shopping enthusiasts, mothers planning to give children a tutorial, etc.), often selling up to 10,000 yuan .

“The kind of professional number that you mentioned for the special person who is responsible for the take-out and restaurant owner is this type of professional number.” This type of WeChat account is often sold to specific industries, such as food and beverage management system manufacturers, food suppliers, etc. . Because the user is positioned accurately, the price is naturally high.

So, how do these institutions know the user's WeChat account? Grey companies will sell user information that they do not know how many hands have been resold, including mobile phone numbers (or QQ, WeChat), the person said.

Through the search number, the selling agency can find the user's WeChat and initiate a friend application. As for why neighborhood neighbors receive the same type of``malicious'' application, the person thinks it should not be the property to disclose the owner's privacy, but that the cell phone numbers of the residents of these communities are sold together by the information dealer, and the agency that sends the same application``speech'' should be a coincidence.

“Those who claim to be express delivery, property management, and start a friend application are all taking chances.” As for the “applications” that can call out the user’s name and explain the family situation and community address, most of the purchases are made by the organization. The user's private information, and used this to create a more realistic "reason" to apply for a friend.

In this case, the best way is to not add strangers at will, if it is a busy business, try to ask a reason before adding.

Set permissions and screen carefully

“I usually meet corporate customers and add my friends, so I will usually pass the WeChat friends.”

Zhan Ping, who works for a network equipment distribution company in Zhongguancun, contacts a large number of company customers through WeChat every day. He told informed notes that there are often applications to add friends, he is directly through, in order to avoid delaying customer service needs.?

However, some of the added friends in the past six months have been silent zombies, which annoys him. A large number of marketing information that does not often appear in moments not only interferes with normal life, but also affects his normal communication with customers and daily relationship maintenance.

"All I have to do is to find those who make small advertisements and have zero communication, and I'll delete it and get black." Zhan said some customers would be able to make friends and friends on their own business, but it's definitely not going to play the screen. So, as long as the brush and the circle of friends can definitely be a zombie.

In an exchange with Li Yan (pseudonym), who does financial work in a state-owned enterprise, she admitted that she would carefully check any good friend application and ask the other party for her true identity. If those applications are just "ask for advice," and "my sister asked me to add you," all applications will be rejected and blocked.

"It's just too annoying. Before I was afraid of information disclosure, I used the WeChat on the company, and the private WeChat only added familiar friends and relatives, but recently found that two micro-signals can still receive many applications from friends." She told me to understand the notes, currently There seems to be no better way, only careful identification.

She found that some of the colleagues in the company who have outreach work, after encountering some requests for friends, are asking for the identity of the other person after they have passed, and those who refuse to reply or not answer will be blacked out. After all, no one wants to lose business opportunities because of an inadvertence.

On this issue, understanding notes also consulted relevant industry people, the answer is to filter malicious friend application the most effective way is not allowed to add friends through phone number search in the setting, and the way to add friends is limited to QR code or WeChat search, which will save a lot of trouble.

In addition, a large number of WeChat accounts operated by institutions are mostly new. Therefore, when initiating the application, a group of scarlet letters will be displayed on the target WeChat: friends who are not often contacted, it is recommended to verify the identity of the other party before passing the verification.

See such a hint, whether or not the other party can call out their own name, to refuse the application, to avoid becoming a profit-making pawn.

[concluding remarks]

Between square inches, liar tricks emerge in endlessly, small social networks are full of demons and devils. It is precisely because WeChat has become an indispensable communication tool in our lives that those grey organizations will continue to cash out their numbers by adding friends and drawing traffic.

In recent days, there have been many messages and rumors that WeChat banned 30 million WeChat in half an hour, causing people to clap their hands at one time. Although WeChat's official account, WeChat, denied it a few days ago, it also said that "the large-scale seal is fake, and it is true to crack down on the illegal number attached to the plug-in." It is believed that with the strict supervision of the platform, those zombie numbers, ash numbers, illegal numbers will all be like Tang Huaxue, disappear without a trace, and finally return us a quiet world of friends.

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