Shanghai Netcom Office re-tested 23 interviewed apps involving No. 1 store, fight more, etc.

[TechWeb] February 11th news, recently, the Shanghai Internet Information Office carried out a "review" re-testing work on 23 APPs that were interviewed before, requiring all enterprises to do a good job of rectification according to the rectification report.

Shanghai Netcom Office re-tested 23 interviewed apps involving 1st store, more than 1 copy Shanghai Netcom Office re-tested 23 interviewed apps involving No. 1 shop, fight more and more 2_ copy Shanghai network information office re-tested 23 were interviewed about APP involving shop no. 1, pinduoduo et al. 3 _ copy

In October 2018, the Shanghai Municipal Network Information Office carried out a random spot check on the application of the 23 most popular apps in the local area to obtain the user's personal information, and the problems of unreasonable application rights and excessive requests for personal information of the users were found in accordance with the law. 23 App-operating companies conducted interviews.

According to the results of the security spot check, combined with the actual development of the operating enterprise, the number of “unreasonable authority” before the rectification was finally determined to be 164, and the number of “reasonable but risky authority” was 113.

The results of this retest show that as of mid-January, the App has rectified 158 “unreasonable permissions” and 98 “reasonable but risky permissions”. After the rectification, the remaining 6 “unreasonable authorities” have not been rectified due to the strategic adjustment of the enterprise, etc., but all the detailed rectification plans have been listed. The remaining 15 “reasonable but risky rights” cannot be completed due to the limitations of the Android system. The one-time authorization will be rectified, but the network security management will be strengthened for such rights, and the risk of personal information leakage will be strictly prevented.

According to the Shanghai Municipal Network Information Office, the next step will be to strengthen the supervision and punishment of the application for violation of laws and regulations, and the collection of personal information of users, in accordance with the “Notice on the Implementation of Special Regulations on the Collection and Use of Personal Information by App Violations”. Enterprises that have not completed the rectification will be re-examined.

Shanghai network office retest 23 interview APP involved No. 1 shop fight and more

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