On the second day of the difficult opportunity, the Chinese girl experienced a second death.


The Chinese girl went through a second death the day after the crash

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The Ethiopian air crash, 157 people on board did not have any life, including 8 Chinese passengers.

The crash occurred in faraway Africa. For many people, these lost lives are just a number, but for the families of the victims, it means real pain and long-lasting sorrow.

Unexpectedly, in addition to mourning, there is another kind of emotion on the Internet: the microblog of a female college student who died in Zhejiang has become the focus of attention, and many people have attacked the girl who died.

The reason for the attack seems unreasonable. The girl is very beautiful, so her beauty has become the cause of the attack. Her love with her boyfriend was also attacked. Even going to Africa to see giraffes would be questioned by netizens. "In order to see giraffes running to Africa, is there no giraffe in China?" Compared with those insulting words, this sentence is very Mild.

Attack on Weibo

At present, the Weibo content of the girl who has died has been emptied, and the official Sina Weibo account has also released a message to close multiple accounts for personal attacks on girls. However, the content of those attacks has not disappeared, and has even spread. Under the media account that reported this girl story, there are still a large number of netizens attacking girls. It is difficult for us to understand this attack as a short-lived disorder of very few people. It may be a general condition of our time.

Such an attack is not the first to appear. Last year, the Zhengzhou flight attendant was killed. The photos of the victims were also widely spread. Some people also questioned her beauty and late return. Even the well-known media wrote a fragment of yellow in the tweet, causing an uproar. In the era of mobile Internet, people may have to face the situation: once a person dies unexpectedly and becomes the "protagonist" of the news, his (especially her) Weibo WeChat will become the material, exposed to the public, and Anyone commented.

The ethical issues of the media have also been noted. After the accident, a reporter from Beiqing newspaper tried to contact a friend of the dead girl for information, and was denounced as eating "human blood steamed bread" by the friend. This reaction is, of course, excessive. Serious media coverage of the plane crash, in addition to asking about the cause and the safety risks of the plane, will also try to write stories of the victims, which, as part of the disaster report, have touched the hearts of the people. It will also contribute to the investigation of the accident.

What worries people is not the serious media approach, on the contrary, it is worrying that these rigorous practices are moving away from us. Today, reporters can simply rely on one person's left Weibo, WeChat content, can restore a person's life story-in the social media era, everyone can become a "reporter." The attack on the girl was worrisome, but it was hard to draw a conclusion that the content on her Weibo was personal. Although she didn't have much Weibo in the past, she wanted to be seen by more people when she showed off her life.

As a result, such an attack is, in essence, inevitable. Everyone's life is exposed to the Internet, but has not yet been examined. After a person's tragic death, he or she will suffer his second death, and there is no force to fight back and refute.

In the Chinese Internet world, this is usually a trial from netizens that will make unfortunate people more unfortunate and let the weak suffer more damage. After the flight attendant was raped and killed, the Ethiopian girl was attacked after being killed. In fact, it reflects the maliciousness that has always existed in the society.

The psychology of those attackers is worth pondering. Of course, there is the existence of "嫉妒", but the strange thing is that people usually blame people around them, and even the closer they are, the more likely they are to be embarrassed, but it is difficult to worry about irrelevant people. There is also the existence of "Chou Fu", but on the Internet, those attackers are likely to worship the richer Ma Yun and Wang Sicong.

What is special about the girl who died is the “happiness”, love, beauty, travel abroad, and five-star hotel that she has exposed on Weibo. It is not too far away from ordinary people. It's what the attacker might think he should get, and he can get it, but he hasn't got it yet.

The hate of the attacker is born. In the age of social media, almost everyone is showing the world a “better self” (exaggerated self). People know that their display has exaggerated elements, but most of the time they think that the happiness of others is real. It is worthy of envy and even embarrassment. The circle of friends only has the function of “likes”, but how many people are appreciating in a courtesy place, but there is even hatred in their hearts that they are not aware of.

When people use the popular online word "pull hate," of course, it is a half-true, half-fake joke, but at its deepest point it is also realistic. The hatred may be light, superficial, but also extremely real.

In addition to hatred, there is a more general apathy. Susan Sontag studied many pictures of war in about the pain of others. She notes that in the age of mass media, pictures of battlefields are often published in newspapers, readers from the very beginning are shocked and become more numb, and people are losing their empathy for "the pain of others."

Susan Sontag's book "The Pain About Others"

This indifference is undoubtedly more common in the Internet age, when the 2013 Boston Marathon exploded and I happened to be in my hometown chatting with my nineties grandmother. She could not read the picture on television, but was shocked by the injury and running. "that man must be in pain with blood all over him." My grandmother's reaction shocked me because I was completely indifferent to the suffering on television. I've seen a lot more horrible than that.

As a journalist, I have also seen many photos of disaster scenes, which can analyze good or bad from a technical point of view, but lose the ability to respond to disasters most seriously - unfortunately, now every social media Users have become media workers.

The combination of new hatred and indifference in the social media era has served as a backdrop for most of the cyber violence. It is also understandable why many people attack people who have nothing to do with them for some reason. We lose our sense of the victim's situation and pay more attention to our "pleasure". A few years ago, many people believed in the idea of "onlookers change China," and people expected netizens to form some kind of public opinion force to punish evil and promote good. But the absurdity of reality is that it sometimes collects malice. With the network, there will be "cyber violence."

If you write a history of cyber violence, attacks on girls killed by Airways should be able to take a page. Some of the people who were attacked in the past were morally deficient (for example, the other woman, the dog slayer). This time the attacker was not only completely innocent, but also a complete victim. She deserved infinite sympathy and sighs. This also shows that every one of us, may face this situation. This is completely random and cannot be prevented.

Original title: "Attack to the girl who is hard to kill in Egypt": New hatred in the age of social media

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