Baidu Netdisk copyright complaint Channel invalidation official: already in check

Recently, the user feedback said, Baidu net disk copyright complaint channel invalidation.

The official confirmed that the problem exists, the programmer is currently troubleshooting, but also to synchronize the following two copyright complaints:

1. The specific infringement link can be submitted to the Baidu Copyright Complaint Service Platform for processing; other complaints click on the “Report” button in the lower right corner of the content to be complained, and submit the corresponding qualification materials according to the system prompts to enter the online reporting process;

2. Submit the Baidu official complaints rights protection service platform.

In previous years, the easy access to TB space, as well as the convenient "sharing" function, led to the net disk is no longer a pure information storage space service provider, but also become a hotbed of pirated content, causing a great loss to many copyright owners.

With the closure of a number of netdisks and the promotion of copyright awareness, at present the net disk is more cautious in the copyright of the content stored by users. For example, Baidu Netdisk mentioned in the terms of service "intellectual property protection": users know and agree that Baidu will deal with qualified notice of infringement issued by third parties in accordance with relevant laws and regulations. And as required to delete or prohibit access to the statement of infringement content.

Baidu web copyright complaint channel failure official already in troubleshooting

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