"Amazing Captain" is so uninvited


"Amazing Captain" is so uninvited

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After 6 days of release, my brother took a look at the time and finally decided: It is time to talk about "Amazing Captain".

I want to see it, should I have seen it? At present, the box office of 700 million yuan will eventually be placed at around 1 billion, and it will be placed in the Marvel.

The reason why I didn't start talking during the first weekend was because I tried to figure out a phenomenon that seemed a little condolence:

Bean flap 7.0, cat eye 8.8 "Marvel Captain", why always give a people, word-of-mouth street, box office fiasco illusion?

The delusion, of course, is because the box office of Captain Marvel has become a global blockbuster and its reputation is in the middle of the world.

how? Could it be that you also have this illusion?

In short, this lingering problem, brother Yi thought again and again, finally arrived just now, can be considered completely.

The reason for this illusion is, as the saying goes, there are indisputable real hammers, wrong shit pots and pig teammates off the court.

Can't read it? Let me say one by one.

Let me talk about the first point, the unrealistic real hammer.

One of the most intuitive reasons for the poor perception is that the film itself has some hard wounds that can't be washed up.

But the story doesn't count as cliche. If you bring the story to diss a Marvel movie, I advise you to stay away from the organization early.

The hard wounds that my brother wants to say are the tricky action scenes and the faint smiles.

I have to say that the two literary films & American TV directors Anna Bolton and Ryan Frick, who are selected by Marvel, are really not going to take action movies.

The action scene is not only small but also of poor quality.

The start of the team and the training of the squash are not fascinating. The only function is to show the temper of the team.

Then I went to Tofa Star to perform the task, thinking that I could see a real thing.

The infiltrating process was smooth, but the whole fight scene after arrival, from art to scene to motion design, was disaster-level.

The whole scene is dark, I know the planet is polluted, but I also doubt that the purpose of the pollution is to save the budget, ah, not to say, the whole scene is black and black, I know the planet is polluted, but I also doubt the purpose of this pollution setting, is it to save the budget?

There is no need for me to elaborate on the mediocre train chase behind me. Anyway, my first reaction at that time was: I should really ask the American team 2's action guidance to rescue the emergency.

After that, I could not imagine the next action play for a moment.

All right, let's just jump to the end.

First, the team after the transformation, throwing garbage with the flowers in the laboratory of Ma Weir...

Then Lord Luo Nan led the fleet and was about to destroy the earth when the team appeared in time. This is good, Qiu Hua level is too scum, Luo Nan a fleet can always come to a close match, right?

As a result, a startled team showed up and smashed a ship, Luo Nan unexpectedly. For a second. And then he jumped. He ran away.

The proper Marvel is the worst at the level of the whole action play.

As for the smile, really, the only place in the film that is happy to pout, is that the team has just transferred to the earth, and at the Pepsi-based audio-visual store, they immediately smashed the "real lies" Schwarzenegger.

It’s this licensing.

My brother must admit: This stalk is a genius level.

Unfortunately, such genius performance, the film is really too few.

Perhaps it is because there are too few stalks in the 1990s? It may be the ability of the director to select the popular culture stalk. Compared with the silver guard series (now really rolled), the strength gap is too large.

Anyway, although the 90's texture is a little bit, but can not play more patterns and contrasts, unfortunately is also a pity.

As for Secretary Frey and Goo, the two characters were lovely and delightful, but they could not hide the whole smile.

So, why do many viewers look bad after watching the team?

Just think about the Ant Man series, which makes you happy because of brilliant action and dense laughter.

In addition to the above, there is a slightly embarrassing reason: "Amazing Captain" has pioneered a breakthrough in feminist performance. As a result, this has become a reason for many viewers to give bad reviews.

Compared with the previous heroines such as Wonder Woman and Black Widow, this time the team was not only full-faced, but also covered in uniforms. It was clear that it was to go to the "feminine" super-English path.

Of course, this also makes many viewers very uncomfortable. The spit on the shape of the team can be connected to the earth for several times.

So this just happened to lead to the second point: the wrong bowl.

Here, I have to talk about the source of anger for "Amazing Captain".

That's right, it's the casting.

From the candidates for official publicity to the release of the film. Audiences at home and abroad complained about the decision to startle Oscar queen Bree Larson.

Slot points are basically concentrated in these points: square face, no expression, too passers-by, aunt figure.

Questioning and disagreeing with the actors will of course affect the overall perception very intuitively.

But brother Yi here must say a fair word: this shit pot, buckle wrong.

The reason there will be too ugly illusion, in fact, 80% of the pot, are clothing and makeup!

Although Bree Larson's figure is not perfect, it is usually seen in public.

The bad is bad, the team is on the uniform.

Neither tight, loose, and high collar covers the neck, and the "defect" of Larson's own body is that the line is not strong, the waist-to-hip ratio is large... and the black-green straight male color...

Therefore, the entire operation of short and long avoidance, completely obscured the slight beauty of Larsen.

And make up your hair.

I do not know whether it is really for the purpose of the theme of women's rights or what, the startling team in the film is basically the face of the entire process.

It's not light makeup, it's a completely plain face!

After many people read the notice, they spit out the team and didn't wake up. They were not at all spiritual.

But this big straight man can also see that this is no makeup!

The above picture is simply handled with Meitu, the effect is not a little better? (ignore straight men's skills)

So, this is the power of makeup, friends!

Those boys who still don't understand, my limited talent can only explain it to you.

Of course, as many people have mentioned, the square face... This can only be said to be an understanding of beauty, and everyone has a good idea.

Moreover, many times, it is really a shooting angle. The following photo with the stone sister, the face is neither square nor big.

But brother Yi has to add:

The role of startling team, for actresses, is not really born to please ah …

Unfriendly screenshots:

From here, brother Yi also understood, Marvel in the film to play cute Meow contrast feeling "frighten" the good intentions of people.

Since it is hoped that the majority of the team will be pleased, then, let’s let the team around the team come to the rescue field. The world’s cat slaves are tens of millions, and they encounter such a big mouth and a little cute, not Like, or people? !

Finally, the off-court pig teammates.

There are two pig teammates. This first one is not someone else. It is the shocking team, Brian Larson himself.

A little while ago, brother Yi had to make an objective remark: Larson's little sister may indeed need to be remade a little bit in her life.

As a white-left & feminist, what Larsson said before, "This movie is not for Caucasian males," and I have not commented on the bad tomato that was badly compromised.

But when father Stan Lee died in November last year, when Marvel stars almost immediately delivered a tribute, Larson's tribute to ins was as follows:

Simple memorials: miss Stan, a legend, rest in peace.

There's nothing wrong with the text, but it's a little bit with the picture.

The other stars are basically posing with Stan. Larsson is a show bag and a show shoe. Anyway, the theme is to show pictures of self-sufficiency. It is a bit out of place...

If the personality, like Larson, does not forget to show his true self when he mourns others, then brother Yi can only say: Larson and the shock team in this point of impetuous and rebellious, it is a perfect match.

And these moves, you have to say that it will not affect your perception of the film at all, I am not sure.

Well, the debate over the cast should continue until next month's Reunion 4.

Finally, this second pig teammate.

China's manga fans should be familiar with it.

Yes, it is the domestic declaration of Marvel.

< Reunion 3 > the worst press conference in the history of the memory, this team propaganda, did not expect the issuer to make a small basket again.

The day before Marvel released a short video of Larsen giving holiday blessings to domestic audiences, Marvel released a short video, either shaking hands or temporarily amusing the mind, and the editor wrote a copy: happy Girl's Day!

To tell the truth, brother Yi this straight man has not yet get to the back of the slot and offend.

However, the majority of Marvel fans and female audiences can not do it, the commentary area has a merciless diss.

My brother also sighed at the time:

Marvel's domestic propaganda, is also a mistake in ancient hate, can be considered by the fans of the full power to be targeted.

The next "Reunification 4", these behind-the-scenes personnel, fear that they will do more like thin ice and fear.

Well, with a little fun, also a little serious, three points one brother and everyone is finished.

Whether you love or hate Captain Marvel or not, what I want to say is:

Of course, the movie is not bad, but if Marvel continues to shoot so impatiently after repeat 4, the audience will really get tired sooner or later.

When all films in the system serve one or more distant or near goals, the integrity of the film itself is compromised.

For example, "Amazing Captain", if you say, this is for the last first egg, making a movie, this logic, my brother is also admitted.

So, everything was quickly skipped, so that many fans were not fascinated. After seeing it, there was no empathy for the character of the team, and even a little deeper understanding.

Apart from the final explosion, only a few fragments of memory remain.

Less savvy calculations, more regressions of film ontology creation.

In the end, the primary reason why we are attracted to the cinema is the film, not the long TV series.

Of course, I still have to say before this:

< Recouplet 4 >, hurry up and file!

This article comes from WeChat official account: a movie (ytmovie666), author: brother Yi.

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