Why do young people love to drink, but don't like to drink your wine? | Shangdao Salon


Why do young people love to drink, but don't love your wine? | Upper Salon

At the end of the 420000-word History of Chinese Wine, the author, Mr. Wang Saishi, wrote: "since ancient times, the Chinese people have often passed on the idea of abstinence from drinking to future generations, and do not let young people learn to drink. In ancient China, there was always such an educational tradition. In fact, adults are drinking, but they never let the next generation drink. When the next generation grows up and becomes independent, it will only control its own next generation. Over and over again, the wine will never quit. "

From the spicy touch of chopsticks on the tip of the tongue when family members were young to the crisscross of toasts after decades, the ability to raise their glasses justly at meals has become another sign of adulthood. However, the unabstinence of wine does not mean that the wine itself is immutable. In fact, how many intergenerational changes also promote the evolution of the wine industry itself, because when new needs can not be met by the old products, it proclaims the end of an era.

The “consumption fault” seems to be a sword of Damocles hanging over the wine industry, especially the liquor industry. The former 60s and 70s consumers will gradually “retreat” the liquor consumption market, and the 80s and 90s who will become the mainstream of consumption will face the choice of their parents, but they seem to be interested in those who are full of alcohol. Pushing the cup for a meal, "greasy," they said.

Behind the crisis, however, is also an opportunity.

Jiang Xiaobai's youthful liquor, sold in 2018 for 2 billion years of revenue, turns out that young people also drink white wine, white wine does not have to look like a suit and shoes, many people have come back to taste.

Nielsen's China Wine Trends report shows that young consumers are rising against the backdrop of rising consumption. Among 18 to 25-year-old male consumers, liquor spending will increase by 47 percent in 2019 over the past year, while among 26-35-year-old male consumers, the figure is 54 percent. A new generation of potential consumers, such as "highly educated" and "high pay" labels, will lead the wave of wine consumption escalation.

According to the data in the above-mentioned report, the overall sales increase of the white spirit in 2018 declined, but at the same time, the sales of the wine and the low-degree wine respectively realized 36.1%, 7.5% increase, no time and space limitation, and offline convenience stores. The increase of 33.9% and 8.3%, respectively, was achieved in order to meet the demand of drinking and drinking. In the online channel, the rate of purchase of wine and white spirit has increased more than last year, and the rate of purchase of beer, that is, drinks and pre-adjusted wine online, is more significant than that of the online store.

In fact, new categories, new brands, new scenes, new channel games, players in the wine industry are eagerly capturing the changes of consumers, throwing out a "trump card", looking forward to one step under the stud New incremental market.

How to do it? If you are also pondering this problem, you may wish to listen to the experience and understanding of the witnesses. In the third period of the tiger sniffing on the salon, the tiger sniffed you to invite you to this new bottle of new wine, and talked about when the young consumer group became a new important driving force, and a more diversified era is coming, wine entrepreneurs should How to seize the opportunity and find a breakthrough.

Who is it?

Lu Xianxun (General Manager of Haina Agency, Executive Director of China Liquor Industry Association)

Senior expert in wine research and consulting, former deputy director of New Food Magazine, Huaze Group, and brand director of Huazhi Liquor.

Tang Wei (founder of liquor brand Kaishan)

Famous wine and spirits educator, national wine taster, Bordeaux wine actually medalist. Kaishan liquor within three months has been two rounds of tens of millions of yuan financing, Hillhouse capital and source capital investment.

Wang Shenghan (founder of drunk Goose Niang)

Drunk goose Niang is the domestic wine content ecommerce brand. The network has more than 4 million fans, with the country's largest paid wine member system "Penguin Troupe", is the fastest growing more than 100 million of its own wine brand.

Huang Jiezhi (Chief Innovation Officer, General Manager of Yuexiao Technology, Shanghai Bailun Investment holding Group Co., Ltd.)

The general manager of the one-hundred-long e-commerce division. The market value of nearly $7 billion has been a successful capture of a young consumer with the RIO cocktail.

Gu Lei

More than 10 years experience in wine channel management and research. Founded in May 2018, whisky brand VETO, has recently completed tens of millions of yuan angel round financing.

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