How can you accompany your child to grow better in a busy and fast-changing era?

In the midsummer summer, when "The Summer of the Band" brought the band from the niche to the public, the people's spiritual world enjoyed an unprecedented burning, cool and dry state. The upcoming 2019 Titanium Media T-EDGE Technology Life Festival is also to let technology popularize life, and this summer brings people a more burning, cooler, more dry spirit and body.

Titanium media T-EDGE science and technology life festival after three years, now science and technology and life of the "reactor" fission entertainment, home, education, car networking, logistics and other new methods, and on the basis of everything towards intelligence, infiltrated into all fields of life.

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The popularization of science and technology has become the trend of the future. In February this year, the annual MIT Ten Breakthrough Technology < MIT Technology Review recently rated the top 10 technological advances, which will change your life in the next few years. "AI Popularization" is one of them. It can be said that the popularization of AI provides a strong driving force for the popularization of science and technology, as can be seen from the field of education alone.

In recent years, Google has been in the pursuit of AI education and wants to provide education to more AI and ML people through free online courses; Microsoft is committed to improving the ability of employees and organizations through "the popularization of AI" and for anyone interested in universal artificial intelligence education; Intel's "Student's Ambassador AI Program" is designed to allow students to communicate with Intel around the work of machine learning and AI. In addition, there are both the "depth learning course plan" and the Baidu "Apollo Online Course Plan", both of which are a strong proof of the force of science and technology in the field of education.

The ultimate beneficiary of science and technology in the field of education is still children. For parents, thousands of AI education has become the first wave of technology to influence life. When technology is accompanied by a new way of life, and technology changes life, how should the education level redefine companionship?

As an important link of this year's Titanium Media TEDGE Science and Technology Life Festival, the first``Science and Technology'' , the first``Science and Technologies'' will discuss this problem. The host and guests present are from the media, logistics, start-up companies, education in different industries. ``Dad'' is the closest to science and technology among family members. Although the four fathers come from different industries, they all created a world of science and technology. The purpose of``Science and Technology'' is to interpret the specific role of science and technology company in children's growth from the perspective of science and technology.

At that time, the co-founder of Titanium Media and the director of ITValue, Liu Xiangming, will be the host, and will be the director and CEO of the Realm Technology Co., Ltd. Tian Min, the founder of the company, Tian Tongsheng, and the DaDa CEO technical assistant Zhang Shuo. At the end of the question, we will explore some of the secrets of non-cognition that accompany our children in science and technology education, and convey the elite educational companionship concept to the audience.

In the traditional Chinese family education, compared with the mother, the companionship of the father is relatively lacking, but it plays an irreplaceable role in shaping the world view of the child. Over the years, science and technology have been considered to have no worldview, and Dad’s understanding and application of technology in the process of accompanying children has not only given the worldview of technology, but on another level may also make up for the lack of time for dad to accompany his children.

Tian Min was the CEO of SF Technology, and he was the pioneer of the "AI+ Logistics" concept. On the other hand, as a father, how does he understand and recognize "AI+ Education"? Today, in terms of technology penetration into life, how does he choose to face his education to accompany his children?

Tian Tongsheng, who started his own life at the age of 55, is the spiritual godfather of many marathon runners in China. In 2015, Tian Tongsheng, 62, started his business for the third time, set up the “Running Technology”, and also boarded the CCTV9 “Vibrant China” series documentary for the marathon. After becoming "net red", he is no longer "a person who is only needed by his daughter and his wife." He has been running on the road of entrepreneurship. What did he do when his daughter needed his companion most? How should we use the power of technology for the current education of young people to accompany their children? Listen to the rich and valuable advice of the tech entrepreneurs who have spent years...

DaDa as a professional online children's English learning platform, relying on big data, AI and other high-tech personalized customized learning content, to achieve "understand education, more understanding of teaching children." Zhang Shuo, as a special assistant to DaDa CEO technology, has a unique understanding of the concept of "AI education". He is also a father. So, in dealing with the educational problems of clients' children and their own children, does he adopt the same attitude or bias in technology? Does technological companionship make family companionship completely meaningless?

On July 13-14 (this weekend), the 2019 Titanium Media T-EDGE Technology and Life Festival is ready for you. Just wait for you!

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