Equi bet interactive video:when the user becomes a player who pays for the choice?


Innovation seems to be the obsession of Gong Yu.

At the Iqiyi World Conference held last week, as the founder and CEO of Aiqiyi, Gong Yu published a speech on the theme of “Innovation Drives Healthy Ecology”. He divided iQiyi's innovation into three aspects: Content innovation, business model innovation, technology and content combined with innovation.

Technology and content combined with innovation is the highlight. Gong Yu has set a whole page of PPT, focusing on the "Iqiyi interactive content technology standard". In his view, interaction is the inevitable trend of the development of the content industry. The standard specification is beneficial to this. A broad-scale promotion of a concept. In the next intelligent video technology forum, iQiyi made further explanations - not only announced the introduction of Interactive Video Guideline (IVG), but also plans to launch an interactive video-assisted production tool platform - interactive video platform ( Interactive Video Platform (IVP) is an attempt to bring experimental interactive video into the industrialized operational phase.

This is a new bet, and interaction represents more choices, choices mean more opportunities, and challenges.

Leave the choice to the audience

What is an interactive video?

In short, the choice of the plot to the audience, the audience to determine the story development and the character's fate.

This is not new, interactive movie games "rainstorm" and "extraordinary twins" have already made players addicted to operating blockbusters, and Detroit: becoming Human, which landed on PS4 last year, once topped the list of game sales in the UK, making it addictive. The most unexpected is Netflix's interactive series, Black Mirror: Pandasneki, which, although it took more than 18 months from planning to production, has attracted a lot of attention once it comes out with open endings and multiple narrative experiences.

The interaction reflects the user's sense of participation. Behind it is the user's interaction requirements for customized content. In Gong Yu's view, users always want to consume video content more immersively and more interestingly. Interaction is an inevitable trend in the development of the content industry.

Guan Shanxing, vice president of investment in Zhenge Fund, wrote in the article "Interactive Video: Audience is the Player": Now this form of interactive video may also be eliminated, but the interactive video will be irreversible.

Imagine, since games, movies and TV dramas can interact, what about online variety? At present, such an attempt has been made in the field of long video. Is there a play in short video? How do different content types interact? What kind of chain reaction will different interactive directions bring?

There are many problems, and the answer is ambiguous

In the back, Netflix built a software for this, named "Branch Manager" Manager, and the author can write and deliver it directly to the platform. The interactive storytelling is what Netflix wants to bet, and will seek to make more interactive entertainment in the future.

However, the exploration of interactive video in the domestic market is still in its infancy, the industry has not yet formed a systematic production process, in the content output, business model and other aspects of the lack of reference, producers can only rely on experience to explore. Gong Yu believes that the reason for all this is that there is no standard, so iqiyi shot.

Provide a standard

The answer to the art is not a complex one, a standard, a platform.

The standard is the interactive video standard, introduced by iQiyi. The standard covers video concepts, production release, platform usage and other guidelines, and provides script structure settings and corresponding interactive components such as branch story, role switching, and screen information exploration. In addition, each choice of the user will form an "X factor", and a different "X factor" will trigger different content.

The platform is an interactive video platform, as an auxiliary production tool platform for interactive video. The main functions include video clip, structure building, and action addition. It has been applied to the creative interactive video creation and will be opened to more creators.

Liu Wenfeng, chief technology officer and president of infrastructure and intelligent content distribution business group of iqiyi, told Sina Technology that the biggest threshold for interactive video production lies in the presentation of interactive forms when broadcast. As the creative process needs to take into account the cooperation at the broadcast end, the cost will rise accordingly. "now interactive dramas are sporadic, but there is no standard way to make them." Liu Wenfeng said that iqiyi launched the interactive video standard because of making interactive video production more difficult and standardizing the user experience. While App products give users the best experience, it can increase the space for content creation. Facilitate cooperation with the producer.

In other words, iqiyi hopes to achieve both to C and to B in interactive video creation. Yang Xianhua, its member and president of his overseas business group, revealed that iqiyi has been studying the application of Internet interactive features in the field of video for a long time. Multi-branch plot can not move forward, some completed parts of the editing is also relatively difficult. It is based on this kind of pain, iqiyi has a high expectation for the future development of interactive video standards, and a large number of features of the platform are still being developed. According to Liu Wenfeng, iqiyi provides a large number of content production teams to enable partners to create more interactive forms to meet the needs of users to explore content. Interactive video connects content creators and content consumers, which is its greatest value. In this sense, iqiyi gives not only a standard, a platform, but also an opportunity for interactive content.

Innovative imagination and challenges

What kind of content is suitable for interactive video?

In the direction of the production of interactive dramas, the answer of Li Lanying, the general manager of Qixing Theater and the senior director of Aiqiyi, is: Don't be a TV drama in the game, you must do the interaction of the TV series. She emphasized that the original intention of iQiyi is to bring more participation and experience to users. "I hope everyone can get in, we call it 'band-in video'."

At first, Aiqiyi proposed five subjects, namely, ancient dress, modern, doubt, science fiction and words, but the combination of content and technology is far more difficult than that of pure content. Therefore, first, it avoids some subjects with long time and high cost.

Indeed, every choice of the user is a re-shooting of the producer, a new open space, a richer and more operational content, and a greater cost. Bai Yiyi, founder and CEO of Linghe Culture Media Co., Ltd., was deeply touched. As the plot line increased, not only the shooting cycle was extended, but also the creative material doubled, and the cost could not be estimated. "From the current point of view, the cost of interactive dramas will not be too low. Of course, it is not as terrible as it is imagined." Bai Yijun said that he will control costs and balance the relationship with final output in repeated explorations.

He also pointed out that as a film, in the production process of the interactive drama, there is no filming. After the materials are connected, all the materials are handed over to the technical department for editing. "The coding system of the field number is completely chaotic, and only the editing points can be made. Describe to them, they follow the description and recommendations for a while.” At the same time, the technical plot interaction will also be biased towards automation, as for the final effect, only the user knows.

This inevitably adds risk to the creation of content, but Gong Yu does not care. In his view, innovation comes at a price, and it is definitely more risky than repeating things. "But I believe that it is a very positive effect for Iqiyi, for partners, for the whole industry," Gong Yu said.

As for the goal of commercialization, as the show has not yet been broadcast, iqiyi did not give a clear response. Yang Xianghua said that in the future, there will be a lot of commercial cash realization means, whether members or advertising, as long as the content is done well, users like to watch, these are not a problem at all, it is feasible to apply existing business model sets, and it needs to be done step by step.

Iqiyi bet interactive video user player select pay

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