Apple has made significant improvements to its voice assistant Siri: there will be 7 new features this fall.

[TechWeb] June 5th news, according to foreign media reports, at the annual developer conference held on Monday, local time, Apple talked a lot, but it did not spend too much time to discuss the changes of Siri voice assistant. Surprisingly, from iPhone to CarPlay to Apple TV, Siri is everywhere in Apple products.

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In some areas, Siri is behind the Amazon's voice assistant, Alexa and Google's voice assistant, Google Assistant. This is indeed the pain of the apple, because sri has appeared several years earlier than other voice assistants. But now, Apple has made some significant improvements to Siri, and in the fall you will see that it will have seven new features.

1. The sound becomes more natural.

If you use Google Assistant, and then back to Siri, you may notice that Siri's voice sounds dead and stiff. This is because Siri's sound is actually just a bunch of well-spliced audio clips, so sometimes a word's sense of suppression doesn't match the sentence.

Apple says the Siri will soon have a new sound generated entirely by the software, which will make it sound more accurate. Although it will sound better, it is not as natural as the voice of John legendary (John Legend) in Google Assistant. However, it will continue to be improved in the first few months of the launch of the new model.

2. Control music outside of Apple Music and iTunes

At present, Siri can only play music from Apple services such as Apple Music and iTunes. This looks bad because Amazon's Alexa and Google's Google Assistant allow music from any other service.

But Apple has provided a new SiriKit Audio tool for application developers, which makes Siri open to external services. In addition, it supports audio books and podcasts.

Spotify has not yet announced support for SiriKit Audio, but the tool is open to any application developer, so it makes sense for Spotify to add it to better fit into Apple's platform.

In addition, Siri will broadcast more than 100000 radio programs without the need for other apps. All users need to do is let Siri play the radio they want to listen to, and Siri will turn on the broadcast station via Apple Music.

3. Use Waze or Google Maps to navigate

Like music, Siri used to be able to navigate using Apple's services, such as Apple Maps. But with the update this fall, the situation will change. At that time, users can use Waze or Google Maps to navigate.

4. Better compatibility with AirPods

Siri will soon be able to read the user's information directly through the AirPods while the user is walking. It will also use the AirPods microphone to find out if the user is talking to avoid disturbing the user. Even if the user is talking to someone in front of him, instead of talking to someone through the user's mobile phone. Users can also reply immediately without having to click a button first, or say "嘿, Siri".

So, if your spouse sends you a text message, Siri will read the information for you through AirPods, and then you can dictate it immediately.

5. Simpler shortcuts

Siri shortcuts are useful, but they are complicated to use. It works with third-party applications to provide users with specific command information. For example, users can set it up with TripIt, and it will display flight information whenever they say "嘿, Siri, Flight Status". However, usually these shortcuts are hidden or complicated to set up and use. In addition, users must download shortcuts from the App Store to get started.

In iOS 13, Apple will include shortcut key applications by default, and there will be a large number of highlighted applications and use cases, which will make it easier for users to set custom routines for Siri.

So maybe you want Siri to turn off the lights every time you go out and close the garage door, which is much easier to set up in iOS 13.

6. Identify different users who talk to HomePod

One of the biggest dissatisfaction about Apple's smart speaker HomePod is that it does not have multi-user support. Therefore, while Siri can read messages or send them, or play some of the user’s favorite music, it does not treat others as separate people and accounts when others speak.

This year, HomePod will receive multi-user support, which means that when different people ask about Siri's schedule, Siri will respond appropriately.

7. Identify songs on Apple Watch

Apple is making better use of its acquired music recognition software Shazam. Now, users can make Siri on the iPhone recognize a song. Soon, users can also let Siri recognize the songs being played by the smart device worn on the wrist. The user simply raises the Apple Watch on his wrist and lets Siri recognize it.

However, people hope that Apple can follow Google's footsteps and let users run this feature in the background at any time. Users can set up Google Pixel to recognize the music that is playing around without having to give it a command every time. (Little Fox)

Apple its voice assistant Siri improvement this fall there will be 7 big new features

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