DJI sports camera: an extra screen, convenient for more than a bit. Titanium Express.?

OSMO Action

OSMO Action

On May 15th, DJI Innovation launched a sports camera in Xinjiang OSMO Action, which is priced at 2,499 yuan.

First of all, let's take a look at the parameters of this moving camera:

DJI OSMO Action paramete

DJI OSMO Action paramete

The size of this camera is similar to that of the GoPro Here series. It also has a dual screen design. Unlike GoPro, this dual screen is a color screen that can be used to display camera view content in addition to displaying camera parameters. - The front screen size is 1.4 inches and the pixel density is 300 PPI.

OSMO Action front photo

Another difference is that the filter for its camera is not square, but circular metal. Dajiang is said to have designed a heat conduction system inside it to transfer heat from the fuselage to the lens cover.

OSMO Action This camera has a wide angle of 145°, allowing you to take self-portrait users into the field of view even without the front viewfinder screen. The meaning of this screen equipped with Action is more, let users adjust the composition and organize their image.

OSMO Action front view display screen

OSMO Action front view display

The button on the OSMO Action fuselage is one more than the GoPro: on the top is the switch key and the recording key, and on the left side of the fuselage is an extra button for switching before and after the screen display.

OSMO Action top button

Of course, it also has one interface less than the GoPro: it has only one USB-C charging interface, and users can use the audio adapter dedicated to the DJI device to connect to a higher quality radio microphone, which is the same as the GoPro. But it lacks an external display mini HDMI interface-perhaps the USB-C interface can also be used for external monitors.

Action uses RockSteady stabilization technology (electronic anti-shaking), but does not support 1080p:240200120100fps and 720p: 240200 fps video, video shooting.

Unlike GoPro, OSMO Action also provides a shooting mode for HDR video and also supports D-Cinelike color space. For those who are more professional in video production, OSMO Action can get more post-production space through these modes and support, and it is more convenient to color.

GoPro accessories can be used directly

You can use GoPro accessories directly

Finally, it is worth noting that, OSMO Action itself is equipped with a GoPro Mount interface that can be compatible with GoPro series accessories.

(The starting titanium media in this paper, the picture is from the official website of the Great Xinjiang, the author/ Tang Zhi-ming)

DJI flavor motion camera extra one screen more than a little titanium news.

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