Foreign media: Foxconn has appointed Liu Yangwei, head of chip business, as the new chairman to replace Guo Taiming

[TechWeb] on June 21, according to foreign media reports, the top executives of Foxconn, the world's largest industry and commerce company, are changing. Chairman Taiming Gou has announced that he will hand over the company's operational command, while foreign media reports show that Liu Yangwei, head of Foxconn's chip business, has been appointed as the new chairman and will replace Mr. Gou, who has served for 45 years.


According to foreign media reports, Gou announced at Foxconn's annual general meeting on Friday that he would hand over Foxconn's operational command, and Foxconn's annual general meeting was held in Taipei on Friday.

After Guo Taiming is no longer responsible for the company's operations, Foxconn's operations will be handed over to a new operating committee, and Foxconn will also elect a new chairman to replace Guo Taiming, and foreign media said in the report that Foxconn has appointed the chip business. Liu Yangwei, the person in charge, is the new chairman.

Born in October 1950 and now 68, Mr. Gou, who founded Foxconn in 1974, has led Foxconn for 45 years. Liu Yangwei, 63, is head of Foxconn's chip business and director of Sharp, which Foxconn acquired.

Although Foxconn has not yet announced the appointment of Liu Yangwei as the new chairman, there was news last month that he would succeed Gou as chairman, when two sources told the foreign media Foxconn to nominate Liu Yangwei as chairman.

Foreign media Foxconn appointment chip business head Liu Yang Wei new chairman replacement Gou Taiming

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