It is claimed that the advertisement in the video was maliciously purified by Sohu Company and sued the "purification Master" and other claims 2 million.

[TechWeb] May 10, according to Haidian Court Network, because users think that after installing the "purification master" APP, they can completely skip the advertisements in "Sohu Video" APP, which has caused great losses to them. Beijing Sohu Internet Information Service Co., Ltd. brought to the court the "purification Master" APP operator Guangzhou Yunxun Information Technology Co., Ltd. And the software promotion platform operator Dalian Kunpeng Technology Co., Ltd., on the grounds of unfair competition disputes. Request that the two defendants immediately cease unfair competition, compensation for economic losses of 2 million yuan.

Sohu, the plaintiff, claims that it is the owner and operator of Sohu Video Network and its corresponding versions of Sohu video clients because of its commitment to providing users with a large number of free genuine video programs. In order to maintain the normal operation of the website and pay a high copyright fee for authentic video programs, there are two main sources of revenue for the operation of "Sohu Video": one is to show a small amount to users in the website, APP and before broadcasting video programs. For short periods of time, this part of the advertising time can be ignored compared with the video time, and will not bring adverse effects to the users, according to which the advertising fee will be charged. Second, the user pays to watch the video program without video advertisement, that is, the user pays the fee to open the member and watch the video program without video advertisement, which is a supplement that can not be made based on the cost of obtaining the advertisement. These two sources of income model, but also the current domestic legitimate video website business model.

The plaintiff discovered through investigation that Guangzhou Yunxun Information Technology Co., Ltd. provided its users with the “Purification Master” APP for its development and operation through the Android application market in its own name, and also operated “kingroot” operated by Dalian Century Pengpeng Technology Co., Ltd. The "Purification Master" software is automatically installed when the system is cleaned in Android software, no need to download. After installing the "Purification Master", the user can completely skip the advertisements and other advertisements before, during the suspension of the program in the "Sohu Video" app. According to its inquiry, under the premise of not fully counting the download situation of the domestic Android market, the software has been downloaded more than 900 million times.

The plaintiff, Sohu, believes that this behavior is extremely bad and has caused huge losses to it, which is unfair competition. In addition, the "cleaning master" exists as a built-in function of the "kingroot" Android software, so "kingroot" also constitutes unfair competition. Therefore, the second was told to the court.

A few days ago, Haidian Court accepted the case and is in the process of further trial.

Video advertising malicious purification sohu sue purification master claim 2 million

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