Chinese-style parent-child variety: After the screen of the cute baby star is a deep middle-aged anxiety

Chinese parent-child variety: after the screen of Meng baby star, it is deep middle-class anxiety.

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American social critic Paul Fossell once wrote in "The Style" that people living in the middle layer admit that money is related to grade differences, but the education and work type of a person is equally important.

The long-lasting parent-child program in China seems to be a powerful tool for the new middle class to relieve parental anxiety. This issue of quanmeipai ( id: quanmeipai ) shows you the names and tiredness hidden behind the parent-child program.

Parent-child program

The earliest Reality Show program with parent-child elements dates back to 2003. The distinctive style of the host, the children's "skinny language" and the outdoor tasks set up in each episode have contracted the main points of interest and laughter. Later, such as "Magic Baby looking for Mom" and "Baby Star" derivative IP development, although the program kept the myth of evergreen, but after 2012 the form of the program basically fixed, the long tail effect gradually weakened.

Host hadron and invited guests

In 2013, from the MBC TV station in South Korea, the parent-child survival experience reality show "Where is Dad?" has frequently captured the topic of hot list. The reshaping of the image of the traditional family "Dad", the mature program production in Korea and the star effect made the program ranked 3.87% in the 71 city group and ranked first in all the central video channels, and then detonated the domestic parent-child category. The TV market for the show.

After "Where's Dad Going" and "Dad Comes Back" and other "Dad's Busy" series, mothers are not willing to be weak. "Spicy Mother's College" and "Mother is Superman" have been launched to solve the headache of hot mothers.

"Hot Mother Dean" Li Xiang once mentioned: "Since the"Where's Dad"program is popular, many stars are now starting to sun their children. I used to hide my treasures, and then when I got married I said I wasn't married, when I had a baby I said I didn't have a baby... Family happiness is the most important thing. In addition to creating a perfect image in front of the camera, presenting a star's married family life has become a rich mine for variety shows to tap.

Boom and decline, parents-child program market boom, due to a "child restriction order" and once into a downturn. However, such strategies as "TV ensemble" to "net ensemble" and "star element" combine to make parent-child programs come back to life. China's first two-child variety program, the second child age, is based on a "comprehensive two-child policy" and a successful combination of "star element".

However, it is not as good as it is. in the fourth season of " where does dad go", the handsome " dad" and the cute " rei father and daughter" of " daughter" were fired as CP, which also attracted strong dissatisfaction and resistance from all netizens.

After three years, Xie Dacui came back with "find a way out". Xie Dacui has admitted that doing parent-child programs is actually a "propositional composition." The demand for markets and platforms has led to a comeback from parent-child programming.

Even if Meng wa can no longer become the "trump card" of the parent-child show, the star aura can still shine. "Tornado and Filial Piety" broadcast in 2016 and "The Kid in My Family" recently broadcasted, by presenting the emotional tangles and conflicts between the stars and their parents, frequently aroused people's lamentations and judgments about Chinese-style families and Chinese-style education.

A magnifying glass for educational anxiety

The Parent-Child Reality Show program has opened up an all-knowing scene for viewers, allowing them to take a look at the star's family life from the perspective of God, and appreciate the joys and sorrows of happiness and anger. The contradictions and conflicts between parents and children in the program and the final reconciliation have become the temporary anxiety substitution for parents and children in real families.

Education of love: Meng wa looks at it in succession

The family tradition of " male masters outside and female masters inside" has gradually changed because modern women have more space to choose their jobs. Scholar Dai Jinhua mentioned in his speech that a program like " where does dad go" seems to be a daughter's dependence on her father, but it is actually a father's call to her daughter.

In modern society, it is not enough for fathers to create a successful social image if they still want to show their "authority" status. Efforts to become a qualified "grandfather" is not only the performance of initiative to assume family responsibilities, but also to create a versatile, power circle powder of the only way.

The parent-child variety shows vividly the education of love, starting with the doll. Since the child was born, the countdown to separation from his parents has actually started. The separated education is presented in many seasons of " where does dad go?" such as the encouragement of Huang Lei's love, the tearful " because dad told me to be brave" of neini, and max's growing transformation from being unable to leave Wu Zun for a moment to being able to perform tasks with other children alone.

Different backgrounds of dads and children with different personalities will always lead to onlookers' discussion. For example, in the second season, there are many “artificial carvings” and Beier’s “stocking character”, and the third season is summer. The differences between Chinese and Western education caused by the contrast between Klein and the other families, and so on.

Liu Ye amusing himself in the Chamber of Secrets, vs Charlick's patient companionship

"In China, men project life anxiety to work, women project anxiety to children, are unable to deal with their own state." This sentence was once widely circulated in the bookshops. In the parent-child program, many fathers projected anxiety onto their children.

Daxie was afraid to go down to the mud pond. Lin Yongjian used his excitement to spur his son into the water: "You can see other children can go down, how brave they are! How can you not?!" When it doesn't work, it is straightforward and rude. Put it in the mud.

Zou Shiming, the Olympic boxing champion, lost in the corn-picking contest. Xuan Xuan began to cry, "I want Dad to win, I want Dad to win." The program group let Zou Shiming and the peasants fight another boxing match, announcing Zou Shiming's victory, Xuan Xuan was only laughing.

In the " where does dad go" series, strict education, stocking education, and accompanying education are all clearly presented due to the differences in fathers' personalities and educational concepts. In the three seasons of " superman mother", mothers are also labeled with various kinds of labels because of their differences.

The "crucian brother" with a sense of joy made many netizens envy Hu Ke's mother. "I must have saved the whole universe in my previous life," he said. "I have these two clever and sensible sons." And Hu Ke's wisdom as a mother is often praised.

Jia Jingwen, who is already the mother of three children, revealed that he had actually experienced a very difficult time after childbirth: depressed, unwell, and memory loss ... but Jia Jingwen, who had been on the two programs, was completely calm in front of the camera and was named " model mother".

In the third season, Hmm-Hmm and her mother, Hoth-Yan, formed a "mother-and-son brainstorming stall", incarnated as a warm man Hmm-Hmm, and everything she said to her mother can be sweet. As for Huo Siyan, who is also a teacher and friend, she won the favor of many passers-by with her relaxed and encouraging educational concept.

However, worry about children, overprotective Ma Yashu and Bao Wenjing, who lack company and understanding of their children, are often criticized as "negative teaching materials." Ma Yashu said the most to the child "No", afraid the child was knocked out of the living room everything. Bao Wenjing, a rookie mother who used to cook and coax baby to sleep with zero skills, can only grow step by step in the activities set up on the program.

Ma Yashu and the babies

Rookie mother Bao Wenyu

Huang Shengyi, who has been taking the path of suffering, carefully tries to eliminate the alienation and separation from Andy, the "Xushui Daoming Temple", and gradually becomes accepted by children.

Grandma and Grandma's participation in daily parenting, due to intergenerational differences and different educational concepts, sometimes also makes mothers feel powerless. Although doting can increase children's natural intimacy, but blindly indulgence and indulgence may also bury hidden dangers on the way children grow up.

Mother refused grandma's attempt to buy toys for xuanxuan.

The grandmother who built the ski resort for Andy.

However, the whole family is just a flash in the pan, and "widowed child care" is the real life. The ratings of daddy went to nearly 2/3 of the female audience. Superman mother is the overwhelming majority of female audiences. The absence of a father in education and care for his children has made it even more overwhelming for many mothers who want to show their all-round charm.

From "Where Dad Goes" to "Where Idol Goes", from "Mom is Superman" to "We Are the Same". Star effect and the special structure of Chinese family make star parent-child programs become hallucinogens to ease anxiety in entertainment.

But if Superhuman Mother can't get busy, it needs the left-behind elderly to take on the responsibility of carrying a baby. It is speculated that besides Grandpa Fancy, programs like Superman's Grandma may become a black horse in the parent-child variety market, which will slow down parents'parenting anxiety.

Big baby country: "confusion" in middle age

As early as in the parent-child program of Tornado and Filial Piety, the excessively indulgent Bao Bell's mother peeks at her son's toilet and forcibly takes him to the hospital for medical examination, which has caused a lot of controversy.

While Bao Beier blindly " succumbs", he may even be perplexed by whether " listening to the mother" is a son's duty when he is helpless. Both mother and child felt that they were in debt and were trying their best to make up for the years when they had gathered less and left more and lacked company. however, excessive accommodation and tolerance made the love exhausted.

Famous psychologist Wu Zhihong in China once put forward the concept of " giant baby": 90 % of love and pain are related to a basic fact - most adults, the psychological level is baby.

Bao Ma and Bao Bell

Recently, the "My Boy" was broadcasted 24 hours a day with the single-aged star's living alone. During this period, the elders' urging marriage, the anxiety of the birth, and the loneliness and helplessness of the empty nest youth were fully revealed. The discussion with "mother" as the core has once again become a hot topic, and Zhu Yuchen's mother's remarks have become the focus of public controversy.

Mother Zhu, where the son went wherever he went, has a clear positioning of himself: "There is no self at all, treating my son with the whole life." The requirement for the future daughter-in-law is "women should Be a good wife and a good mother."

Zhu Yuchen once thought about fleeing, but life was still firmly controlled by the mother in 360 degrees, so he slowly changed from fleeing to compromise, until the heavy maternal love became an indispensable habit.

In his infancy, he might say aloud, "No more apples and eggs." But gradually he was filled with "no dead end" love, and "apples and eggs" became a "tasteless, abandonable" love.

Clip of "Juvenile Theory"

In a poem to the Child, Kiberon wrote, "the child is here because of you, not for you." This "selfless" and noble love that turns raising children into a lifelong business creates a "besieged city" that binds itself and children, and only roams through it for the rest of its life.

Zhu Yuchen had no choice but to compromise his mother's desire for control, Wu Yi's desire for a complete family, and Qian Feng's fear of affection. It also makes many people blame a lot of reality anxiety on the "native family."

Every "villain" in the story seems to be "fleeing the original family," but if they can't get together to keep warm, they can only feel the "cold lonely sandbank" no branches to live in. "

Reality anxiety syndrome

The most stable and ideal type of society in the legend is the olive type with a middle class. According to the global wealth report released by the world-famous wealth think tank NWW (New World Wealth), China's private wealth has increased by 198% in the past 10 years.

Increase in private wealth in countries/regions of the world Source: New World Wealth

With the middle class gradually disappearing in developed countries, China's national income is still rising year by year, and the absolute number of middle class is also increasing.

However, social problems such as education, medical care, and old-age care have made the lives of the middle-class people overwhelmed. Many organizations have predicted that children's education spending has become the biggest burden for new middle-class families.

But the increasing number of parent-child programs can not afford to pay for parents' realistic anxiety. While the middle class is still worrying about their children's education, family tragedies such as "killing fish brothers" also occur frequently in China's vast land.

After the mid-stream ( middle class ) in Japan collapsed, it quickly slipped into the trap of " dirty society". The Japanese writer San Pu exhibition has written a best-selling book " dirty society", which defines " dirty" people as " social people" with low enthusiasm for the whole life. While Japan's " recluse" population continues to increase, Shenzhen's " Sanhe great gods" are gradually known to the outside world.

After the fruitlessness of fighting anxiety with anxiety, the younger generation of "living freely in their own way" may no longer need parent-child programs to alleviate anxiety, because in their world, they may be able to tolerate only themselves.

Still though shameful but useful

The future and the future, I hope escape is shameful but useful not to become the epitaph of the middle class.

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Chinese style parent-child variety sprouting baby star screen but it is deep middle class anxiety.

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