"Monster" school room, was beaten a gold hoop stick


"Monster" school room, was beaten a gold hoop stick

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The current school district is really a monster-like existence.

12 square meters, 300000 / square meters, total price 3.6 million, full.

This is a house recently traded in Beijing, neither into the water, nor in the kitchen, bathroom, basically can not live, it is said that it was actually just a storage room.

The reason why the deal is high, only because the "house" is located in the most abundant basic education resources in Xicheng District, in short, the school district house.

Many people are attracted by this news, but they have not noticed another important official news, which is the following:

Although there is no mention of the “school district” in this high-level document, it may have a profound impact on the school district.

1. District housing:the product of the times.

We know that the school district is not something we have uniquely. For example, the United States also has a school district.

However, the reasons for the formation of our school district house are different from those of the American school district house.

First of all, in the United States, public schools (district housing is basically for the public) run mainly from state and local governments. Among them, the state government funding is basically evenly distributed.

However, there is a big difference in local government funds. The important source of funds for local governments is the property tax. The owners pay property taxes of 1% to 3% per year according to the house valuation, and about half of the property tax collected is used in public schools.

In this way, if the houses in the rich areas are expensive, then the annual property tax will be more, and the corresponding local schools will be able to get more funds, and have more money to repair the school buildings, ask teachers, add teaching aids, etc. Naturally The quality of education has gone up.

This will form an American school district.

Schools across Texas receive different subsidies

But the school district housing in China is different.

Our key primary and secondary schools are actually very early. For example, in 1953, it was decided to build 194 key middle schools nationwide, accounting for 4.4% of the total number of secondary schools nationwide. The teacher needs and material needs of key schools can be well protected.

However, in the decade that began in the middle and late 1960 s, key schools were cancelled.

Subsequently, China entered the era of economic construction, education work also returned to the right track. At that time, the decision-making level proposed to concentrate manpower, material resources and financial resources to run a number of key schools first. In January 1978, with the approval of the superior, the competent department of education issued a "pilot scheme for running a number of key primary and secondary schools", which clearly pointed out:

Large and medium-sized cities can hold key schools at the city and district levels. The city has a number of key middle schools, and districts and counties can run two or three key middle schools and five or six key primary schools. All provinces and autonomous regions can hold key schools at the provincial, prefecture (city) and county levels. The provincial and prefecture (city) levels can each run a number of key primary and secondary schools: the county can run two or three key middle schools and five or six key primary schools.

Even, at that time, 20 national key middle schools, key primary schools were identified.

A number of key schools have also been selected and built, such as the Renmin University of China affiliated Middle School (1722 Middle School) in Haidian, Beijing, Chongqing No. 1 Middle School, and Langya Road Primary School in Nanjing, all of which were determined at that time, forming the pattern of multi-level key schools in the country, provinces, prefectures (cities) and counties.

By the end of 1979, there were more than 5,200 key middle schools nationwide, with 5.2 million students in school, more than 7,000 key primary schools, and more than 5.1 million students.

For key schools, in terms of funds, teachers, students to give a tilt. For example, the per capita expenditure of students in key schools in Hangzhou is generally 15% higher than that in non-key schools, and it is also easier to get special funding support. Chongqing implements the "priority admission" for key middle school enrollment.

In short, these key schools quickly formed an advantage and became a famous school.

two。 The pursuit of school district housing is actually a matter of more than a decade.

In the 1980s, the idea of ​​running a key school did not change. In fact, this is not difficult to understand. After ten years of stagnation, how to do basic education has become a problem. Therefore, a number of schools need to be established to explore the experience and take the lead in demonstration.

At the same time, there was a serious talent gap in that era. It is also a top priority to have more talents, quicker talents, and better talents.

However, the advantages of key schools are becoming more and more obvious, more and more attractive, school selection fever, approval of cops and other problems are also emerging.

By 1986, the Act on Compulsory Education>made it clear that nearby enrolment. This can be seen as a major shift in policy focus to education equity and balance.

But as a result, the school district house was unwittingly and invisibly given the conditions, because the school resources and the place of residence (the house near the school) were linked.

But school district house prices to soar, but also need an easterly wind, which will wait until the middle and late 1990s.

The appearance of Liangfeng Senior Middle School in Jiangsu Province in 1993

At that time, most of the key schools were in the old city, including Shanghai today, and the inner ring of the school district and the central ring accounted for about 70%. The houses in these old towns are basically various public houses. After the housing reform in 1998, these public housings can finally enter the market.

Only when it flows, the price can rise.

So, today we look back and see that the concept of school district housing began to appear on the mass media in large numbers around 2004.

And the academic community has a real in-depth research on this issue around 2009.

Since then, educational resources and real estate capital have been combined.

Old and small houses that have been in existence for decades, because school district blessings have become the most fascinating existence in the property market, and have a deadly appeal to parents with real needs, real estate speculators and even real estate agents.

In recent ten years, the school district has become one of the most anxious things in the Chinese parents. According to the survey,25% of the parents of Tianjin, which have always been a happy day, also found it necessary to learn the room.

In contrast, the school district prices are rising. The data shows that the average price of the 2018 school districts in the four districts of Xicheng, Dongcheng, Haidian and Chaoyang, where Beijing's educational resources are intensive, has exceeded 85,000 square meters, and the median total price has exceeded 4 million. Among them, the average price of the most outstanding Xicheng District exceeds 120,000 per flat, the median total price exceeded 7 million.

The same is true in Shanghai. The trend of housing prices in the school district is not only stronger, but also rises faster, and the gap between housing prices and ordinary housing is also growing.

3. The risk of the school district has been

Through the above analysis, we can see that school district housing is education, housing policy unwittingly given.

But the policy risk has become the biggest risk that the school district housing can not get rid of all the time.

In fact, there have been many examples of this in many places before.

The most common thing is to be designated out of the school district.

For example, at the end of last year, Shenzhen Futian decided to designate the degrees of Xiangge Liyuan, listening Quan, Ming Quan, and an overseas Chinese from the Department of overseas Chinese Primary School to the newly built Hongling Experimental Primary School.

At that time, many owners were confused, and the owners just bought the houses in these neighborhoods.

The adjustment of the school district according to the age-appropriate children, urban construction, etc., also occurs from time to time.

Even, there are schools that move directly.

Shengzhou, under the jurisdiction of Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province, announced the plan a while ago, and the two schools will be relocated as a whole.

The above two actions are relatively large, causing a concentration of controversy. But in fact, on a larger level has been cooling the school district housing.

For example, “multi-school scribes”, that is to say, one district corresponds to many elementary school junior high schools, and it is not necessarily 100% to buy a school district. It has been reported that after the implementation of multi-school scribes in Beijing, a set of second-hand school districts with a price of 15 million in 2017 near Qinghe, Haidian District, has been reduced to 10.43 million in early 2019.

For example, Beijing and Tianjin promote a “six-year-one degree”, which means that a housing address starts from the year of enrollment. In principle, only one admission opportunity is offered in six years. Suzhou is also promoting a “nine-year degree” in popular areas this year. "...

In this way, the mobility of school district housing has decreased, and the possibility of hype has been reduced.

4. The direction has changed.

The reason why I am tired of talking about the background of school district housing is to let everyone form an idea: school district house price = house price degree price.

For many cities, the price of a degree should be about 1: 5 of the house price. As we said at the beginning of the storage room in Beijing, 3.6 million can basically be regarded as buying a degree. In the final analysis, the most valuable part of the degree price is given by policy.

And precisely, policy orientation has changed: decades ago, key schools needed to come out to experience and concentrate resources to train talents quickly; now, how to promote the balanced development of basic education is the point of strength.

Therefore, this adjustment will come sooner or later.

Specifically, although the school district room was not mentioned, the school district was further cooled from the enrollment.

To put it simply, at least the following aspects will affect the school district:

1. Random admission of computers: If the number of applicants exceeds the enrollment plan, the results will be determined by the form of a lottery. In this way, even if I bought a school district, if there were too many students of the age of the year, after the numbering, some students would not be able to attend the expected school.

To put it simply, the school district room has just got a chance to participate in the shake number, and it is possible to buy it.

2. High school indicator allocation: We know that the ultimate goal of the school district is to go to a good high school and then go to a good university. But now the high school enrollment indicators are required to be allocated, so that even a bad junior high school will get a good high school index.

That is to say, as long as the luck is good enough, there is no school room also have the opportunity to go to a good high school.

To take an extreme example: a top high school has allocated 20 places to A and B junior high schools, of which A is a famous school, B is a vegetable school, and a student in A is only 21 because of a gathering of experts. However, if in School B, it may be easy to get into the top 10. The same student, because in different schools, the results may be different.

3. Public private simultaneous enrollment: In the past, private schools first enrolled students, and then they were enrolled in public schools. Students in the school district can first sprint private schools and get public guarantees.

In 2018, after the implementation of this policy in Shanghai, the proportion of primary reports attached to Shanghai dropped sharply from 11:1 to 2%. Most parents with school district housing directly choose public schools, the competition of high-quality private schools will be reduced. More parents can afford to go to private schools than to buy district houses.

In this way, even if there is no school district, there is a greater chance of attending a quality private school.

After the implementation of Shanghai, more parents poured into the school district housing market, but it is likely that a large increase in the number of students applying for public schools, combined with the random admission requirements of computers, will increase the probability of being "rolled out" of the school district.

School District Search Index

In just over a decade, the school district has made the society anxious.

A section that has always been popular: spending a lot of money to buy a school district, just to clear up the North China University; but found that Tsinghua University graduated can not afford to buy a school district.

In the end, the housing prices in the school district are too outrageous, or Tsinghua University graduates earn less, I am afraid most people understand.

Coupled with hype, the school district has skyrocketed and become the monster in the current property market.

But the seemingly strong school district is actually very weak: the policy can be given, and it can also be taken away.

The high school district room is likely to become ordinary immediately, just like the dilapidated second-hand house.

This time, the monster in the school district room undoubtedly ate a gold hoop stick.

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Monster school district room hit golden hoop

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