Money never sleeps: risk control does not rest all year round, collection does not have sex

Money never sleeps: risk control does not rest all year round, collection does not have sex

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Ma Yun’s phrase “996 is a kind of blessing” has set off an uproar in the entire Internet industry. However, in the financial circle, 996 is basically the norm, and most people voluntarily accept this state.

Wind control practitioners should monitor risks at any time and engage with black ash. "On call, there is no weekend."

The norm for callers is "9127" (9: 00 in the morning, 12: 00 in the evening, 7 days a week), and "the collector has little sex life."

The financial industry is surging forward, and money never sleeps...

One, no sex.

He goes to work at 9 in the morning and leaves at 08:30 in the evening, making nearly 300 calls a day and taking a single and double break on weekends-typical of 996.

Lin Yun, the founder of a collection company, found that the collection industry did not work overtime, it was almost difficult to make a profit, and without working overtime, even Party A’s father protested.

Before his company left work at 7: 00 in the evening, Party A's father was super dissatisfied, "ask me if I work overtime every day."

Lin Yun also saw the office of the company with his own eyes and lit up at 11:00 in the evening. "A lot of companies don't rest, or take only half a day. '997' is the norm."

He had to change his work system to 9117: 9: 00 a. M., 11: 00 p. M., 7 days a week.

He remembers that he worked until 6 pm the day before his wedding, and he worked on the wedding car that day. "100 bosses have at least 95 996, and the remaining five, the company has closed down." He snarled.

For the collectors, these are still in a normal state, and they often encounter extreme conditions.

The financial technology industry is too new and too fragile. A little bit of turmoil in regulation and public opinion has often led to major industry turmoil.

“Receiving is the barometer of the industry. Overtime, there is often a geyser burst.” Cai Xuming, the founder of a collection company, feels that there has never been an industry like collection, and the development is so unstable.

When the industry is bad, he can only lay off workers urgently; when the industry explodes, he starts hiring people all over the country again, hoping to work overtime 24 hours a day.

"At the most exaggerated time, we used to work 18 days in a row, and every day we urged to receive 3 o'clock in the morning." Cai Xuming said that the commission of the party's father had increased several times, and the business volume could not be overtaken.

During that time, Cai Xuming saw that every employee’s eyes were red, but because of the high commission, everyone and the chicken blood were fighting, and they were fighting high-spirited.

The intensity and stress of the collector's work is beyond imagination.

"The more busy you are at night." Huang Jun, the collector, said that he is a typical night action, because most borrowers have more time in the evening and the phone is easier to get through.

For a long time, Huang Jun has been unable to integrate into normal life.

"after collecting, I had two girlfriends, both of whom were divided. I didn't have time to accompany them. The most important thing was that I had basically no sex life." Huang Jun said that every night tired to take away.

More than one collector said that they are basically open all year round and it is difficult to maintain a stable relationship.

Second, there is no weekend

In addition to collecting, another type of work is almost endless all year round, which is "risk control".

Tiebin is a wind control technician in a cash loan company in Xiamen. He has been in the company for 3 years, working from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm, and commuting time is nearly one hour.

When he caught the product, his rhythm reached "997".

The job of risk control is to discover and control the risk at any time.

However, you never know when and where the risk will arise, so risk control practitioners need to be on standby 24 hours a day.

The most recent black-ash is smart, and they are the most slack and lax.

At 2 o'clock in the morning, Ma Xiao, the chief risk control officer of a head platform, received a call from the staff: "Suddenly hundreds of loans were purchased, most of the machines were approved, but I feel a bit wrong."

He hurriedly asked the staff to stop lending, let the entire risk control department rise up to work overtime, and review the suspicious inputs one by one.

He finally found out that this was done by a smuggling gang, which specifically called for collective action when the morning winds were most lax. If all these passes pass, it will bring millions of losses to the company.

In addition to late night, black ash will also be on holiday.

Ma Yu's relatives are all in the United States. That night, New Year's Eve received a call from his employees in the United States, saying the data were abnormal.

He had to have a cross-ocean conference call with the risk control department immediately and deal with it urgently.

The battle continued until the New Year's Day. They found that this was a fraud gang. The latter used the latest bill fraud method to test major financial platforms in batches.

"We can only guarantee 24-hour risk control at all times." Ma Yu said their risk control system has set up alarm red lines, as long as there is an anomaly, the risk control personnel on duty will be immediately notified.

In addition to being on duty at any time, Ma Yu also has to fly all over the country, his mileage exceeds 99.9% of the country's people.

Because the business is all over the country, once the data of any city is abnormal, he has to go to the local area to find out why. This is sometimes due to new fraud, and sometimes to internal and external collusion.

"you have to fight bravely with everyone, just like a detective." Ma Yu said that the work of risk control is really "painstaking efforts."

The overtime status of the wind control will not change with the warmth of the industry.

When the industry is good, they work overtime to design new risk control models and products; when the industry is not good, they have to keep to the bottom line to ensure that the platform can tide over the difficulties.

Many wind control practitioners said they never dared to mute their phones.

Ma said that the work of risk control is "always on standby, never weekend."

Third, money never sleeps

In the financial industry, there are still a large number of endless jobs.

Such as customer service. If it is a financial customer service, once you do not answer the phone, it will cause the user to "the platform is not running" panic; if it is a loan, no one responds, the customer immediately lost.

Such as getting customers and marketing. They should monitor the data of various channels at any time and adjust the copywriting and material at any time.

“The financial industry is actually without holidays.” Xu Qi, a VC investor, said he met the founders of the two projects every day, as well as the weekend.

And his colleagues and peers are almost always the same.

"it's called money never sleepless." Xu Qi said that the financial industry is born of profit-seeking, the flow of interests is so fast that even if you always strive to move forward, you may not be able to stand at the top of the tide and grasp the pulse of interests.

In 2015, auto finance became popular.

Guo Xiaoquan decided to join the tide of auto finance. He calculated that during the 2015 rush, his company hired an average of two new employees a day and opened a new store in an average of ten days.

All the people are working overtime and are rushing forward. "Don't say 996, I can't wait to eat and sleep in the office," he said.

In 2016, cash loans went viral.

Guo Xiaoquan decided to develop a cash loan product, he took the team in the office closed development for 14 days in a row, no one can return home.

In 2017, the blockchain was on fire.

Countless lobbyists came to let him "issue money." Guo Xiaoquan made a blockchain research institute and invested in more than a dozen blockchain projects.

In order to catch up with the tide of finance, Guo Xiaoquan desperately pushed forward, for fear of missing the "opportunities of the times."

"if you slow down and hesitate a little bit, you may not be able to eat a bite of hot shit." Guo Xiaoquan said that all the money, resources and people, are chasing after interests.

The tide is coming, the speed and intensity of this kind of impact makes it difficult for you to think about it: it is not right.

In 2019, the financial technology industry ushered in the strongest blow, everyone believes that the industry is difficult to turn around.

In the medical and aesthetic industry, because of the recent tight winds, many people have been arrested, and many medical and beauty staging platforms have withdrawn from the market. The auto finance industry has also started a wave of layoffs, with many stores closed.

In addition, a number of head cash lending companies were investigated, and the bosses of several cash-loan platforms were looking for buyers to try to get rid of the platform.

But Guo Xiaoquan is not too worried.

“From 2015 to 2019, the financial enthusiasm has never been annihilated, and the spring breeze has been born again.” Guo Xiaoquan said that from consumer finance to cash lending, to blockchain, the vents one by one, one tide promotes a tide head.

Sure enough, underground cash loans wake up again.

Pang Yun's Labour Day holiday has not rested. "if you don't have Labour Day holiday, come as soon as you can." He shouted among the great cooperation groups.

At one point, the "3.15" storm hit the flow price back to ultra-low, but in less than January, the flow price returned to a high level, with a registration as high as 12 to 18 yuan.

While Guo Xiaoquan was thinking about where the next tuyere was, Bitcoin broke through the $8000 mark again.


The world is bustling, all for the benefit of the world; Involved in the financial industry, it is as fast as the clockwork, it is difficult to stop.

Here, money never sleeps.

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