Jingdong arrived home to announce the opening of the "home fashion" channel will become the focus of this year's development


[TechWeb] On April 10th, Jingdong announced that it has joined hands with more than 30 beauty and home retailers such as Watsons, Wanning, Mingchuang, Yubei Shi, Lin Qingxuan, Natural Republic, and Huayin. Open the "Home Fashion" channel. It is reported that at present, more than 4,000 beauty and home furnishing stores have been on the line to Jingdong, providing consumers of nearly 50 cities in the country with one-hour delivery service for household items, beauty products and other products.


So far, JingDong has formed a supermarket convenience, fresh fruits and vegetables, baked cake, green flowers, medical health, home fashion six core service categories, the number of platform stores more than one hundred thousand.

It is reported that this year, JingDong to the home in the home department store field, hibiscus life, life worry-free, ABS love and worry, but a number of homes, Yika home and other businesses have been online; In the field of cosmetic care, cooperation was reached with domestic chain retailers such as Lin Qingxuan, Youbeishi, flower printing and other domestic retailers, as well as holding hands with Korean cosmetics brand stores, gathering merchants of more than 30 categories, officially opening the "Home Fashion" channel. The number of online stores nationwide reached 4000, covering nearly 50 cities.

Dada-Jingdong’s founder and CEO, Mr. Yan Jiaxuan, said: “Jingdong has been focusing on the development of real-time retail for four years. It is one of the important development strategies for the whole category. Home fashion is the most suitable for the main user groups of the platform. Category is the direction of this year's key development. In addition, Jingdong will also cooperate with more chain stores such as mother and baby, seafood and aquatic tea, and develop and refine more categories for consumers. Create a full-scale mall for instant consumption."

When talking about the cooperation with Jingdong, Ma Yutao, vice president of MINISO Information Technology Center of Mingchuang Excellent Products, said: “With the cooperation of Jingdong to the home for more than a year, Mingchuang has successfully hatched the new O2O project and made major breakthroughs. Yu Jingdong came home to cooperate and support in the field of O2O. In the future, I hope that both parties can have more far-reaching cooperation and cooperation in the field of O2O. Mingchuang Youpin is also willing to go hand in hand with Jingdong to deepen the integration of online and offline, steady and steady, and create new achievements. ""

According to official data released, after four years of development at home, JingDong has registered more than 74 million users, covering 67 major cities in the country, with the highest proportion of users being white-collar women aged 25 to 40. Monthly income of more than 5000 yuan accounted for as high as 71%.

Jingdong home open home fashion channel will become focus speed direction

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