Liu Qiangdong case fifth video exposure: 3 hours dinner girl was persuaded to drink 19 times

The netizen "sound support jingyao" exposed the complete video of Liu Qiangdong's Mingzhou dinner, and released a third video last night, saying that in the three-hour meal, the woman was persuaded to drink 19 times.

In addition, on April 23, following the exposure of multiple videos of Liu Qiangdong on the 22nd, “Secretary jingyao” exposed the full video of the case and the suspected Liu Qiangdong’s arrested video on Weibo and today’s headlines. The video broke the netizen said that in the full video of the dinner, the heroine of the case, Liu Jingwei, had been sitting next to Liu Qiangdong in the three-hour meal. Only when she got up in the last few minutes and left for a while, the original seat was taken by others. Occupy, I sat in other seats.

On the afternoon of April 22, the Weibo account named @明州事记 released two surveillance video clips about the Liu Qiangdong Mingzhou case. At 14:57 on the 22nd, the blogger released the first video, saying that "the woman is not drunk and actively follow." After 7 minutes, @明州事记 released the second video, and said that "Xianren jumped the hammer? Mingzhou case apartment video exposure women's manners intimately invited Liu Qiangdong to enter." Liu Jingyi said in the lawsuit that she agreed that Liu Qiangdong went to her apartment for courtesy and respect. She thought that the latter only accompanied her to the door.

Liu Qiang Dong case the fifth paragraph video exposure 3 hours meals girls persuasion 19 times

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