The built-in mobile phone and smart hardware of the small love class can summon Microsoft Xiaobing from now on.

[TechWeb] At the Xiaomi AIOT Developer Conference held today, Xiaomi announced an important cooperation with Microsoft: Before the New Year's Day, the mobile phone built by Xiaomi Xiaoai's classmates and the intelligent hardware devices that have been connected to Xiaoai's open platform will be Has the ability to "summon little ice." These devices include Xiaomi's full range of mobile phones (small love students with built-in V3.5 or higher), Xiaomi AI speakers, Xiaomi Xiaoai speaker mini, Yeelight voice assistant and so on. The combination of Xiao Ai and Microsoft Xiao Bing's two AI “good girlfriends” will bring a richer user experience to these devices.

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In fact, Xiaomi mobile phone users today have been able to pre-emptive implementation of this feature. As long as Xiao Ai on the mobile phone said that the export order "summon Xiao Bing", you can enter Microsoft Xiaoice mode, easily complete the switch. In the communication with human users, two AI girls further highlight the differences in personality and interest trends, so as to help people to achieve a more colorful life atmosphere in the family and other application scenarios.

Among them, has always been known for naughty ice, will be extra emphasis on EQ and creative skills. In the field of music, for example, asking her to sing, complain about music, and even challenge the title-guessing game together can bring unexpected surprises. At present, Microsoft Xiaoice and Xiao Ai team joint development and testing has been basically completed. Additional skills will be rolled out at a weekly pace, including two AI skills to communicate with humans, and are expected to bring AI group chat to the family scene for the first time.

At the sixth-generation Microsoft Xiaobing conference held in July this year, Dr. Shen Xiangyang, Microsoft's global executive vice president, announced this cooperation with Xiaomi. Since then, the cooperation and joint development of the two sides have continued to deepen. In response to this launch, Wang Yongdong, senior vice president of Microsoft and president of Microsoft Internet Engineering Institute of Microsoft, said: "We are very pleased to team up with Xiaomi Xiaoai to create a dual AI product experience for the majority of intelligent hardware users. Both teams are extremely Product experience is the highest pursuit. I hope that our cooperation will bring more colorful artificial intelligence to people."

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