Autopilot Waymo autopilot simulation test mileage up to 16.1 billion km

[TechWeb] On July 11, according to foreign media reports, according to foreign media reports, the company's auto-driving subsidiary, Waymo, announced that the company's automatic driving simulation has reached a new milestone for the company's automatic driving simulation test.


This is a major achievement for the company, as all mileage simulated by its autopilot software adds considerable experience to the software's training.

Dmitri Dolgov, Waymo's chief technology officer, said at the conference that the company's autonomous driving software has traveled more than 10 million miles in the real world and has traveled more than 10 billion in the analog world. mile. The amount of driving in both cases actually depends on the maturity and ability of the system.

Dorgov's view is that the more advanced the autopilot system, the more miles you actually need to drive, which can have an impact because you have the basic knowledge, you are turning to research edge situations, advanced navigation, and ensure that the software works properly in any situation.

In addition, as you accumulate more actual mileage, your simulation will become more complex and accurate, which means that your virtual test results are more reliable and can be used for cars driving on real roads.

The conclusion from Dorgoff is that the Waymo's simulation may be better than many similar simulation exercises for other auto-driving companies.

In February of this year, foreign media reported that Waymo was at the forefront of the industry in terms of autonomous driving technology. Test vehicles equipped with the company's autonomous driving technology were being tested in many locations in the United States. The test mileage may now exceed 2000. Ten thousand kilometers.

Last year, Waymo announced the mileage of its self-driving car six times, the last of which was on Oct. 11 last year, when the mileage reached 10 million miles (about 16.09 million kilometers).

Waymo is the first company to provide self-driving taxi services. In December, the company launched Waymo One., a self-driving taxi service in Phoenix, Arizona, USA The service is similar to Uber,Lyft. After passengers enter the starting and ending points of the Waymo app, the Waymo app displays the estimated price, and the charge is similar to that of other online cars.

The company's self-driving taxi service on the outskirts of Phoenix has been in operation for six months, and the number of passengers has reached 1,000. The number of passengers exceeds 1,000, which not only strengthens the company's leading position in the autonomous driving competition, but also highlights the slow development of the industry.

Waymo began accepting passengers in April 2017 as part of its free-to-use pilot program. Last December, the company began serving a limited number of paying customers.

If a passenger wants to take Waymo's self-driving taxi, they must live in its service area, which is about 100 square miles (about 259 square kilometers), and get an invitation from Waymo to try this new service.

To attract passengers, Waymo provided unadvertised music streaming services to passengers via Google Play Music in April. Now, the company allocates a variety of benefits for its own self-driving taxis, including free WiFi and so on.

To please the home user, Waymo has a child car seat in every van and ensures that the car stays cool in the Arizona desert. (Little Fox)

Autopilot Waymo autopilot simulation test mileage up to 16.1 billion km

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