Douyin online Spring Festival couplets special effects "worship a Douyin year" more than 650000 participants

[TechWeb] January 31st news, it is reported that the vibrato has recently launched the "La Chunlian" special effects, users can use the special effects to shoot video when making a New Year's gesture can trigger special effects, there will be different types of Spring Festival couplets on the screen.


At the same time, with special effects, Douyin launched a "Douyin year" topic activities. So far, the topic of the total number of video playback has more than 6.2 billion times, the number of participants more than 650000.

On January 18, Douyin announced it was the exclusive social media platform for the 2019 CCTV Spring Festival Gala and announced the "Happy another year" campaign, which has been launched so far, including "see me at the 2019 Spring Festival Gala." The Spring Festival Gala saw me go home instantly, and a Douyin year, and so on.

Shake tone line pull spring couplets special effects worship shake voice participation number super 650000

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