New Airbus models are going to China?

New Airbus models are going to China?

The first picture is from: Oriental IC; this article is from WeChat public number: Netease Aviation (ID: wyair163); Author: Henry Lin

Today (May 15), there are media reports that the Civil Aviation Authority intends to approve the Airbus A321neo ACF/ACT aircraft exemption from the relevant airworthiness requirements, is being publicized, and extensively solicited opinions.

This means that A321neo ACF/ACT is one step closer to obtaining a Chinese model certificate, which is expected to be accepted by mainland airlines.

A lot of people may not understand what kind of plane A321neo ACF/ACT is?

At present, the domestic aviation enterprise has received A321neo, but it is the basic configuration, and the A321neo ACF/ ACT only delivers the use of foreign airlines. However, from next year, A321neoACF will be the standard for Airbus A321neo.

So we also give a brief explanation of this plane today.

ACF stands for Airbus Cabin Flex, which means flexible cabin configuration in Chinese. Additional Center Tanks, stands for Additional Center Tanks, which is generally called auxiliary fuel tank.

Unlike the existing A321neo in the country, the A321neoACF canceled the cabin door on the front side of the wing and replaced it with two emergency exits on the upper side of the wing. (Small series suggests that this future can also be used as a feature to identify aircraft models)

A321neo of Air China pays attention to the location of the four passenger doors

A321neo of Oz, noting the two emergency exits on the wing

Don't look at the change in emergency exits instead of passenger doors, which makes room more available in the cabin.

Through this change, the maximum passenger capacity of the A321neo ACF has increased to 240. After the Boeing 757, it has been a long time since no narrow-body aircraft can meet this standard.

Of course, just as the flexible cabin configuration on the name, the general aviation enterprises will not really put so many people in the cabin of the narrow body machine like the canned sardines. The increased cabin space can actually make more aviation enterprises in the differentiated service. effort.

For example, the airline company can choose to add business class seats on the A321neo ACF and adopt a three-class cabin layout.

Airbus A321neo ACF's first user, Turkish Airlines, is equipped with a business class of 20 seats and a economy class of 162 seats. In contrast, the business class of most domestic airline narrow-body machines is still 4-8.

Next, let's talk about A321neo ACT..

Airbus ACT technology diagram

Airbus' ACT technology has been widely used before and can be considered as a removable flexible tank configuration.

The exempted A321neo ACT represents the option of installing auxiliary fuel tanks on A321neo ACF.

We have previously written the longest voyage of the A321LR, which is actually a typical representative of the A321neo, by increasing the auxiliary fuel tank to enhance the range.

Ordinary A321neo ACF can add up to two auxiliary fuel tanks (ACT), but A321LR can add three auxiliary fuel tanks on the basis of increasing the maximum take-off weight to 97 tons to meet the demand of carrying many people and flying far away.

The maximum range of A321LR is 4000 nautical miles (about 7400 km), which can be used to fly a number of Central European routes.

The first A321LR

Narrow-body, long-range, and not high-speed passengers make the A321neo popular after the launch.

With this type of airliner, airlines can plan their routes more flexibly. It is foreseeable that there will be a large number of A321neo passenger aircraft flying on the transatlantic and trans-US coasts.

If you change the big aircraft (A330, B787) to A321LR, you may change the operation of the route.

From the sales data given by Airbus, the A321neo has more than 1,900 orders worldwide.

The first delivered A321neo ACF

Finally, let me talk about the exemption. The exemption is actually a concept on the application of airworthiness.

Due to the rapid development of civil aviation technology, civil aviation laws and regulations also have their own limitations, can not necessarily foresee all the situations, to adapt to the approval of the airworthiness of all aircraft, exemption is to solve this limitation and the emergence of the additional "channel".

When an airline company applies for an exemption from the Civil Aviation Authority, it needs to prove the reasonableness, compensation measures and correctness and completeness of the exemption application. The latter two actually require the manufacturer to adopt certain measures to make the safety level of the new product and the current application. The level of safety specified by the regulations is equivalent.

According to the documents issued by the Civil Aviation Administration, the exemption period for this announcement is a permanent exemption.

With the progress of the relevant procedures, it is believed that the speed of A321neo ACF/ACT evidence collection in China will also accelerate, and domestic passengers will soon have the opportunity to travel on this plane.

This article is from WeChat public account: Netease Aviation (ID: wyair163); Author: Henry Lin

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